Charlie Clips vs. Rad B

New Jersey up-and-comer Rad B takes on Harlem legend Charlie Clips at U Dubb's "Alpha n Omega."

Rad B vs. T-Rex

After this battle wasn't able to go down at "High Stakes 2", T-Rex and Rad B faced off in the main event of "Revenge."

Rad B vs. DNA

New Jersey up-and-comer Rad B takes on one of the most popular battlers in the game, DNA.

Rad B vs. Big T

U Dubb rookie Rad B takes on Big T in this second release from U Dubb's "Revolution."

U Dubb Presents "Revolution"

The Feb. 28 event features Math Hoffa vs. Head I.C.E, as well as Charlie Clips, DNA, Arsonal, Bill Collector and much more.

Rad B vs. Ill Lyric

"All my niggas dying, I need to get away from the slums. What you know about having a different RIP shirt for every day of the month?" - Rad B