The Saurus & Illmaculate vs. Quest MCody & Marv Won

THROWBACK CLASSIC! Semi-final from the 2007 World Rap Championships, featuring four of that era's best battle emcees.

JumpOff.TV’s World Rap Championships was a very ahead of its time and outrageously ambitious concept. Starting in 2006 with pairs of the top battle emcees in America and England battling each other until the top teams in each league met each other in the finals, the next year they expanded into eight regions across three continents.

While the controversy of the tapes being stolen in the finals has somewhat overshadowed its legacy, so much talent under one banner led to some truly fantastic battles. The best of which, possibly the greatest 2-vs.-2 battle of all time, was the second The Saurus and Illmaculate vs. Quest McCody and Marv Won battle. Perhaps the four absolute best in the world at that moment, they put on a complete clinic.

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