Jonny Storm vs. The Saurus

THROWBACK CLASSIC: Main event from Grind Time's "Battle Of The Bay 4" in 2011.

The recent rumblings that Don’t Flop could be heading to Florida to put on an event with Jonny Storm is as good of a reason as any to revisit some of Storm’s finer outings. As incredibly prolific as Storm’s been, one of his biggest victories came from the early days of Grind Time against a top-of-his-game The Saurus.

The main event of Grind Time West’s "Battle of the Bay 4" in 2011, it was a time when The Saurus, after two JumpOff World Rap Championships and Scribble Jam victories, was the face of battling. A face that Jonny Storm drew particular inspiration from when stepping to The Saurus one-on-one. As fiercely debated as the outcome is to this day, no one in this format had yet to really take it to Saurus in quite the way Storm did.

While Saurus had also recently suffered another controversial loss to Dizaster in a bout that established Dizaster as one of the emerging promotion’s flagship artists, Storm’s consistency here shows a true veteran at work, implementing a heavy-hitting strategy that wins the crowd in just the right way.

The battle also serves as something of a time capsule as the frequent namedrops read as a who’s who of the Florida scene, making this showdown all the more topical (and tropical) once again.

Cover photos via Grind Time's Facebook page. See the whole set here.

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