Loaded Lux vs. Murda Mook

THROWBACK CLASSIC! The SMACK DVD battle that solidified the legacies of two of the most famous battlers of all time.

We’re now about one year removed from "Total Slaughter," battle rap’s terrestrial pay-per-view debut that set a new standard in terms of production values and events running on time. One of the event’s biggest selling points was the rematch many thought we would never see. The original was a showdown so essential to battling culture, it solidified two legacies and even made its location a must-see tourist attraction for any battle fan who makes their way to New York. Of course, I’m speaking of Murda Mook vs. Loaded Lux.

Video taping and selling rap videos was a medium still in its absolute infancy. Lux vs. Mook came about in the same way every major battle at this point would happen: two guys who were considered the best in their neighborhood had people willing to put the money up, a date was chosen, and it went down. But the view count, numerous reposts and pay-per-view caliber demand for a rematch over a decade later shows this battle was anything but ordinary.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Mook vs. Lux a classic, especially with a dozen years of comparable classics in between. Maybe it’s because Lux and Mook were both so ahead of their time in terms of playing to the camera, crowd control, charisma, etc., that the battle doesn’t seem too far removed from what happens today. Outside a few very specific references (the Dell guy, “can you hear me now?”) there’s not a whole lot that would make this battle seem out of place had it gone down in 2015. Still, while they’ve both had outstanding performances since then, the way the stars aligned for Lux-Mook I made them immediate write-ins for “greatest of all time” lists for the rest of eternity.

Oh, and check out the transcribed lyrics to this battle here.

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