Jaze Juce vs. Okwerdz

THROWBACK CLASSIC: Grind Time pits the East vs. the West in this 2008 grudge match.

Part 2

A popular sentiment among a rather large segment of the battle rap audience is the belief that clashes are the best when the parties involved appear to actually hate each other. While tension breeds competition, for the most part the vile remarks made between opponents happen to take place on a stage in front of a crowd. Ultimately, battle rap is theater and if the audience is convinced these two emcees really do despise each other then, to use a carny term, they’ve been successfully “worked.” But sometimes the animosity is real.

Today, we’re looking at two guys who, by all accounts, really did not like each other. At all. In Grind Time’s first grudge match, it was Okwerdz and Jace Juce.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the conflict started. But battling’s a small world, especially then, so when an established vet (Okwerdz) and a relative newcomer who’d been seen a lot after hitting a hot streak (Jaze Juce) have differing opinions on a matter, tensions can escalate rather quickly. Add the West Coast vs. East Coast element to the mix, and you have two guys who had every reason to take umbrage with each other, and boy did they ever.

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