Hollohan vs. Pat Stay

THROWBACK CLASSIC! As "World Domination 5" approaches, we look back at the first classic the series produced.

It’s King Of The Dot’s "World Domination 5" weekend! One of the scene’s biggest annual events, World Domination offers unique match-ups and star-studded line-ups, putting the Family Feud in Family Reunion. It's not hard to name a bonafied classic from each World Domination event, but today we’re going to look back at the inaugural edition which featured Hollohan vs. Pat Stay.

While KOTD had already existed for two years prior to this event and had plenty of outstanding battles, Hollohan vs. Pat Stay is considered by some to be the battle that really set the tone for all of the league's battles going forward. From the promotion, to the backstory of two best friends who grew up together, you really get the big fight atmosphere leading into the first round. Once the rhymes begin, it’s a non-stop instant classic that’s just as satisfying now as it was when it first debuted five years ago.

Stylistically speaking, Hollohan and Pat Stay have tremendous chemistry with one another. Given how long they’ve known each other, the battle gets incredibly personal. However, while some hyper-personal battles can be pretty alienating and esoteric, Pay Stay and Hollohan’s performances and way with words keep things incredible accessible to even a battle novice. It’s one of those clips you can watch in a vacuum and just know that history’s being made.

With Pat Stay as the current champ who won the title at WD4 back in 2013, a successful retaining of his title over Illmaculate this weekend might make it fair to call him Mr. World Domination.

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