Big T vs. Hollow Da Don

THROWBACK CLASSIC! A look back at Hollow's masterful performance in his 2010 URL debut.

Season’s greetings from everyone here at! It’s December, a time when many leagues prep for their customary Christmas release by booking a major battle to close the year on a high note, and it doesn't get much more major than Dec. 6’s Pat Stay vs. Hollow Da Don match-up at "Birth of the Brave" in London. So in honor of the rare upcoming Hollow performance, today we’re revisiting Hollow vs. Big T from 2010.

It's hard to believe this landmark match-up is already more than a half-decade ago, but lo and behold the battle rap world has come pretty far in five years. After two minutes of early battle CGI and lifting “Duffle Bag Boy,” we get to a clash for the ages. With both Hollow and Big T remaining among the highest profile people in battle rap today, revisiting performances like theirs here is a reminder of why their statuses are so well-deserved.

Big T had been calling out Hollow after his star-making performances, and Hollow was stepping into URL after dominating every battle landscape he’d entered. Here's an example of why it's not always a good idea to call people out.

That’s not to say Big T didn’t turn in an excellent performance. The energy and agility he brings to his already impressive schemes would have defeated a lesser battler without question.

But Hollow’s flawless performance is nothing short of an absolute masterpiece. With a first round breaking down how T has liberally lifted Hollow's style from him, the second and third were full of rebuttals, razor-sharp wit and some of the most beloved quotables in the medium. This is why every Hollow battle for the past five years has been mandatory viewing.

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