Dizaster vs. Arcane

THROWBACK (NOT QUITE) CLASSIC! The hugely controversial Blackout battle that set off the Bargate scandal.

Blackout has become King Of The Dot's signature event in recent years, thanks largely to the idea of a "mystery card" that keeps fans guessing about who each of the battlers will be paired up against.

Three years ago at "Blackout 3," the match-ups were still being announced ahead of time, but that didn't take much away from the intrigue, thanks in large part to the controversial title match between then-reigning champion Dizaster and challenger Arcane.

It certainly doesn't qualify as a classic, at least in the traditional sense, but it remains one of the most talked-about battles in KOTD history.

Dizaster chose to go first and went right into what he clearly felt would be his kill shot — presenting what appeared to be proof that Arcane had paid for bars from West Coast stalwart Caustic. The angle (which was covered in great detail on T.O. Battle Blog) didn't appear to go over well with the large crowd in the building, and Arcane went on to win a 4-1 judges' decision and claimed the KOTD chain for the second time.

Though he won the battle, however, Arcane may have lost the war. He lost a subsequent title defense against Pat Stay, and it can certainly be argued that his reputation never fully recovered after the Dizaster battle.

For Dizaster, the loss wound up being the beginning of what might be considered a slump by some fans — as well as the start of a strange two-year stretch that also included controversial performances against Unanymous, Math Hoffa and Cassidy.

Will more insanity ensue at this year's Blackout? For now, it's still a mystery.

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Photo by Martika Gregory for KOTD.

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