Danny Myers vs. Rum Nitty

THROWBACK CLASSIC! The GZ battle that launched two new stars.

Battles like this classic are the reason to not miss Day 1 events. Only about 50 people can say they were in the building for this clash and I'm happy to be one of them. Among the others: Dizaster, Daylyt, Okwerdz, Dirtbag Dan, The Deadman, Lush One, Plex Rock, Aspect One, KG The Poet and Young B The Future.

Together we witnessed the breakout battle of two new talents, in what is one of the only GZ battles to go straight to KOTD's main channel.

Going into this one, Danny's resume was mostly on AHAT with one URL PG (against Jay Rell), but he was almost totally unknown to the KOTD fanbase. Nitty only had a few on-cam battles to his name, with solid but slept-on performances against Konshis Pilot and AB Hogish in KOTD.

With names like Dizaster, Aye Verb, Illmaculate, Bigg K, Daylyt and Head I.C.E lining the main card for "Battle Of The Bay 6," the Day 1 event was heavily overlooked, despite several names on it eventually finding success further down the road including Young B, Psycoses and Madflex.

But Danny Myers vs. Rum Nitty surpassed much of the weekend's mainstage match-ups. As the battle progresses, you can actually see the energy build in the room. The crowd feeds off the enthusiasm of the battlers, which in turn amps up the emcees even more. Off camera, you can hear Young B say: "I must be drunk because everything these niggas say is hype. I must be loaded."

The home audience might call it gas, but anyone who has been in the room for a true classic knows that there's an excitement that takes over beyond just reacting to individual bars. Danny's "lima bean in a time machine" bar might not necessarily hold up to the scrutiny of discerning fans now, but goddamn it was fire when he said it in the building.

After this classic, both rappers became household names in battling, with Nitty going on to face B Magic, Arsonal and O-Red, while Danny continued his spree of taking on all challengers, from established legends to little-known up-and-comers.

This weekend both these emcees will be facing incredibly tough competition. Nitty is squaring off against Ave at "Born Legacy 2" in a battle that could make or break his run on the URL, and Danny is taking on B Dot on LA Battlegroundz, who is one of the most impressive new voices in the scene.

With the amount of potential in both those match-ups, you can expect to see them in our "Throwback Classic" columns in a few years.

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