T-Rex Cancels Against Danny Myers

As the T-Rex battle falls apart, a new one against Mickey Factz seems to be on the table for Danny Myers.

Harlem battler T-Rex missed a scheduled battle against Danny Myers this past weekend in Milwaukee, planned for Black Ice Cartel's "Battle On Olympus" event.

The no-show came after news that Danny Myers was shelling out big bucks — $12,000 — to secure the battle, leading some fans to clown Myers as taking an epic "12,000-0" loss.

The reason for Rex's cancelation is still unclear and rumors that he was arrested shortly before his trip remain unconfirmed. Black Ice warned fans of the cancellation a few hours ahead of the event:

Read the full statement below:

"It's true. TREX is not going to be performing tonight. We want our fans to know We did everything in our power to get him here but it wasn't possible. Money was paid, flights were booked, but there's certain things We can't control. THIS EVENT WILL STILL GO HARD THO! TRUST! #CartelHoe"

Myers addressed the cancellation himself on the day of the event and said T-Rex couldn't make it because he was behind bars.

Myers didn't seem so sure about Rex's whereabouts as of today though.

According to Syndicate Cartel, who film battles for Black Ice, the Myers vs. Rex battle has already been rescheduled but a location has yet to be confirmed.

Despite the latest cancellation, it seems the Las Vegas battler is moving forward with another self-funded match-up against Mickey Factz with the battlers wagering $10,000.

Factz has been vocally anti-Myers in recent interviews and was one of the first to take digs at him for putting up the money to battle T-Rex, but accepted the challenge himself willingly.

Some fans seemed to think the timeframe would place the battle on URL's "Rookies vs. Vets" card, but BattleRap.com's sources at the URL say that's not happening.

UPDATE: Danny posted on Facebook on March 16 that he had spoken to T-Rex and that they had made arrangements for the battle.

Keep an eye on BattleRap.com for more information as it becomes available.

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