Daylyt Walks Out On Rone At Don't Flop Philly

Daylyt reacted to Rone's antic by leaving the battle and aired out his own beef with Don't Flop co-founder Eurgh.

UK battle league Don't Flop's first ever Philadelphia event ended abruptly tonight (March 29) when Daylyt walked out on his opponent after delivering just a single round. Rone, who dressed up as Abraham Lincoln for the battle, held back and delivered his rounds for the crowd following Daylyt's departure.

While the Daylyt versus Rone battle wasn't originally slated as the headliner, the match-up closed out the night after E. Ness and Bill Collector faced off earlier than planned.

Both Daylyt and Rone arrived to the event early and were seen warming up backstage as well as watching the other battles. Rone, one of several Philly natives on the card, notably co-organized the event with Don't Flop.

The battle itself began with Daylyt taking aim more so at Don't Flop and league co-founder Eurgh than Rone. Throughout his single round, Day aired out Eurgh for allegedly leaving him hanging after he was he was detained at the airport in England and then sent home leading up to a planned appearance at another Don't Flop event. Daylyt claims that Eurgh never came to his aid following the incident in the UK and that the rift widened when the Don't Flop founder allegedly failed to pick him up at the Philadelphia airport as promised for tonight's event.

Day's "leave-before-the-battle's-over" move was also a direct response to Rone's antic, a sidestep that disallowed the Philly native's costume angle from holding weight in the battle.

After delivering a single round in which he claimed he was paid in advance for the battle Daylyt jumped offstage into the crowd and beelined for the exit. The crowd remained in place after Daylyt's departure with many fans left scratching their heads and others booing the antic.

Shortly after the event, Daylyt took to Twitter and addressed fans that paid to attend the event and elaborated on his early exit. caught up with Daylyt immediately after the battle while walking around Philadelphia. More info on that coming soon.