Live Updates From "Back To Basics" (Part 2)

Live updates from Rone vs. The Saurus, John John Da Don vs. Kid Twist, Illmaculate vs. Carter Deems and KG The Poet vs. Head I.C.E.

This is Part 2 of our coverage from KOTD's "Back To Basics" event in Los Angeles. Read Part 1 here.

KG The Poet vs. Head ICE

Illmaculate vs. Carter Deems


John John Da Don vs. Kid Twist

Rone vs. Thesaurus

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Check out our breakdown of the card, our previews of Rone vs. The Saurus and Madflex vs. Megadef, our profiles on Psycoses and PNut, what the battlers were saying ahead of the event and some old interviews with Kid Twist, Head I.C.E, Reverse Live and Xcel.

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