Reverse Live Says He Got “Cooked” By Ncredable

“I’m not gonna make excuses, I should have wrote better for sure,” Reverse Live says.

Following his battle against Ncredable at Day 1 of “Battle Of The Bay 7” this past Thursday (Jan. 22), Reverse Live spoke with to discuss the match-up and his opponent’s performance.

“I just got cooked right now,” Reverse Live says. “I kinda sucked today to be honest with you. I had my moments but to be honest with you — okay, I’m not gonna make excuses, I should have wrote better for sure. But I got cooked, I’m not gonna front. [Ncredable] did great. He did fucking awesome. He did a fire, fire, fire performance. I had a shitty performance. I got cooked. This is actually the worst I’ve ever lost in a battle too. I’ll straight up say that right now … I was kinda trash today but it’s okay.”

“He did everything properly,” Reverse adds. “I did everything wrong today. I feel bad though because that could have been a way better battle than it was.”

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