On The Come Up: Psycoses

BattleRap.com caught up with the breakthrough performer of BOTB7 Day 1.

Psycoses made a huge impression with his performance against an off-form N Pose on Day 1 of "Battle Of The Bay 7," on Jan. 22. Here are a few of BattleRap.com's live updates from the battle:

BattleRap.com caught up with him at the event:

Psycoses, who hails from Santa Clarita Valley in California, had the crowd in a frenzy for much of his BOTB7 battle. “There was just so many bars [that got reaction],” he explained. “I kept having to repeat myself like two bars back, even sometimes four bars back, 'cause the crowd just kept stopping me.”

Psycoses against N Pose. Photo by AK for BattleRap.com. Psycoses against N Pose. Photo by AK for BattleRap.com.

To give a picture of the impact he made during this battle: going into it, the views on all of his videos combined were under 30,000, after it was over, Grind Time veteran PH was calling him out for a match-up at the venue.

UPDATE: PH hit us up on Facebook to say: "I didn't call him out I dissed him after he dissed me and said if he want it he can get the God Sacrificial treatment thats all lol but he is a formidable opponent."

Psycoses is one of those battlers who has only really had showings on smaller leagues (and, as of mid-2013, Ground Zero) but has made each of them count.

Here are a couple highlights:

Psycoses vs. Madflex

Currently standing at a mere 4,322 views, and with a pretty hefty on-camera argument between two guys in the crowd before things even start, it would be easy to overlook Psycoses’ performance at Day 1 of BOTB6. It’s an intensely slept-on battle. Two dense, entertaining pen games and great delivery intertwine to add up to far more than the sum of this battle’s parts. A low-key classic.

Psycoses vs. HK

Again, small views. Psycoses gives a physically, verbally and conceptually dominant performance. It’s actually a masterclass in spitting fast and making sense. Plus, "You’ll see toys drop like Andy’s coming" might be the best Toy Story-themed gun punchline of all time.

Do you think he can hold his own on the main stage? Who would you like to see him up against? Let us know in the comments below.