Head I.C.E Reacts To Drake’s Praise

"To hear him verbally say it out his mouth, made my muthafuckin’ day," says I.C.E.

During Friday's (Feb. 6) press conference for King Of The Dot's "Blackout 5," BattleRap.com caught up with Drake and Organik to get their thoughts on the upcoming Toronto card.

During the interview, Drake spoke on the battlers he was excited to see perform, the first being Harlem's Head I.C.E.

“Obviously I wanna see [Head] I.C.E," Drake said. "I.C.E is one of my favorite battlers to watch."

Just after our interview with Drake and Organik, we caught up with Head I.C.E to get his reaction to the comments.

“[That makes me feel] outstanding, baby," Head I.C.E told Rone. "Wolf love to Drake. That’s the alley-oop, I’m gon' slam dunk that thing and bring it home, baby. I felt real good about that right there. That definitely was a bonus for me. That made me feel good.

“I knew that [Drake] had love for me though, let's not get it mistaken," I.C.E adds. "But to hear him verbally say it out his mouth, made my muthafuckin’ day."

Head I.C.E also took to Twitter after hearing Drake's remarks to thank the Young Money artist for his kind words.

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