Kid Twist Speaks At “Blackout 5”

“It just so happens that this is the biggest fuckin’ event to ever happen in the universe,” Kid Twist says.

While talk of King Of The Dot’s “Blackout 5” event has been occupied by the title match fallout and the so-close-but-so-far battle between Drake and Murda Mook, the weekend elsewhere hosted some very strong clashes with several emcees making their return to the ring and the KOTD stage.

Participating in his first battle for three years was Kid Twist, who we caught up at the event’s press conference on Friday (Feb. 6). During the conversation, Twist spoke on whether or not this would be his permanent return to battle rap, as well as talking a little about his meticulous writing style.

“Oh, I’ll be back, I never left,” Kid Twist says. “I mean at every big Toronto event I’m always out. You see me in some of the videos judging and whatnot so I’m always here. I love the scene. I’ll never stop watching battles. I’ll never stop wanting to battle but it’s just the kinda thing where I’m not one of the guys in the thick of it anymore. And I think that’s the ideal position for me … Earlier in the press conference I was saying that battle rap isn’t something you retire from, it’s something you relapse into. So don’t worry, I’ll always have relapses.”

We also spoke with Kid Twist just before the title match between Pat Stay and Charron on Day 2. Here he revealed his thoughts on the day’s best battles, pointing to Rone’s clash with Big T as well as applauding Dumbfoundead’s return against Conceited.

“I think [Rone] and Big T was up there,” Kid Twist says. “I would have to say it’s between that one and Dumbfoundead and Conceited, those were the two that really stood out for me. I may be biased. Obviously Dumbfoundead and I are similar stylistically but I love to see him come back. I loved that he had changed it up but not really changed it up. He stayed true to his style and that’s what I was trying to do with my own return. I feel like him and I were kinda on the same page stylistically at this event and I fuckin’ loved it. It was exactly what I wanted to see from him.”

Battle rap wasn’t the only thing Kid Twist was returning to this month. He also reignited the flame on his Twitter account, tweeting for the first time in more than two years on Feb. 6. Check out his tweets below:

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