Big T & Conceited List Industry Rappers That Might Battle, Announce Tour With DNA

Big T says he’d like to battle Freddie Gibbs and Conceited names Cassidy as a possible opponent.

Alongside an announcement of a scheduled world Battle Rap tour, Conceited and Big T released a video blog yesterday discussing possible match-ups facing Battle Rappers up against their industry counterparts. Running through a list of anticipated and hypothetical battles, Conceited and Big T included themselves in some scenarios.

“I remember putting DNA versus Jadakiss,” Conceited said. “I remember doing that. That sounds dope. What I think DNA would be a perfect match for would be Lloyd Banks. I know Lloyd Banks is one of his favorite, I think DNA versus Lloyd Banks would be crazy. I think that’d be crazy.”

Considering himself in his first example, Big T offered up the possibility of battling Freddie Gibbs.

“I think me versus Freddie Gibbs would be a good battle,” he said. “First of all, I think he been talking a lot of shit about battlers or whatever. He just defended himself, as any rapper would do, as far as do he think he could kill all the battle rappers. But I think that come from him not knowing what’s going on because there’s a whole new field…It wasn’t an interview. I think somebody just asked him about–I have no idea. [Someone] tagged me [on Twitter] like, ‘Freddie Gibbs said he’ll kill ya’ll.’ I told him I’m right there on the street. You in Gary. I’m right in Chicago, so you know we don’t gotta do too much traveling.”

“Since you did one about yourself I gotta do one about myself,” Conceited added. “You already know who I’m gonna say. I don’t even think I should say it, but you already know who I’m gonna say: me versus Cassidy. Yes. “

“That’d be a good battle,” Big T replied. “But Cassidy not doing battling no more. He feel like he above it.”

“Which is cool,” Conceited said. “The nigga got gold albums and shit. This is not call-outs. I’m just giving you my opinion on what would be good match-ups. Has nothing to do with, ‘This nigga said,’ or ‘That nigga wanna battle.’ Whatever. But I do think of course and everybody else would feel that me and Cassidy would be the motherfucking battle of the ages.”

“It’d be punches, this class versus old class,” Big T said of the possible battle. “Technically I don’t think he could punch with Con. His punches been kind of sounding dated to me lately…But I can’t go wrong with Cass’ performance. I think Cass might have Con on the performance side…But I think Conceited’s bars would actually hit harder. Then again, I only seen Cass perform in the fucking studio. That’s a way different platform than performing in front of…two [or] 3,000 people. Cass come get that chicken. But I heard through the grapevine that Cass ain’t off-limits.”

“I’m gonna give you my opinion on niggas who I think can battle,” Conceited said. “We know Joe Budden could do it. Well, I don’t want to say I know. I think Joe Budden could do it because of his bars, I think. I don’t know. I’ve never seen him battle. Except I killed you on Wild’N’Out. You lucky they didn’t air the rest. You got me on camera.”

During the blog the rappers also listed other Slaughterhouse emcees, Eminem, Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, DMX, and more as possibly capable in a Battle Rap setting.

Separately, Big T and Conceited announced a collective Battle Rap tour consisting of themselves and fellow battler DNA. The scheduled tour will serve as a follow-up to a similar

“We are doing a battle tour,” Conceited said. “Especially overseas, that’s the market we’re really trying to get at. Actually, all battle leagues hit us up. You know where to find me…What we’re really looking for is one-round battles. That’s what we’re really looking for. We are not shaking our head no to the three rounds or shit like that. Holla at us. Tell us what you wanna do.”