Chilla Jones Says Loaded Lux & Murda Mook Rematch Shouldn’t Happen

“Joe is one of my favorite emcees period so I”m glad he’s stepping in,” Chilla Jones said. “Hollow’s my favorite battle emcee.”

After Joe Budden spoke with the Angry Fan Radio Show earlier this week and explained his take on an upcoming battle with Hollow Da Don, battle rapper Chilla Jones weighed in on the matchup in an interview with VladTV.

“I’m glad Joe is stepping in,” he says of Joe Budden’s decision to battle. “Joe is one of my favorite emcees period, so I’m glad he’s stepping in. Hollow’s my favorite battle emcee. He’s dangerous. He takes angles. He’s got punchlines. He can scheme. He’s got some of the best rebuttals in the game. Freestyle in the middle of his round. I think Joe Budden is at a disadvantage.”

Chilla’s comments are similar to the Slaughterhouse rapper’s own profile of his opponent in his interview with Angry Fan. “When you talk about an emcee as seasoned as Hollow, he’s great in every area,” he said. “He’s great at freestyling. He’s great at rebuttals. He’s great at performance. He’s great at jokes. He’s great at personals. He has bars. He has schemes. He has punches. There’s not anything that he cannot do. So you have to factor these things in. It has to be a concern.”

Raising the possibility that Joe Budden’s public life could hurt him (something Budden himself dismissed), Chilla said Hollow will have “too many things to talk about.”

“He’s lived his life and his career on a much bigger scale,” he said of Budden. “We’ve seen him on reality TV. We’ve seen everything from music videos to mixtapes. There’s so much for Hollow to feed off. So much for Hollow to research and bring to the table. I don’t think Joe has that much to go off. I think Joe’s approach just be more bar-heavy. He might just be more schemes, punchlines and wittiness. And I think Hollow, his approach is going to be very personal and very direct. I don’t know. That’s gonna be tough to call. I think like Hollow and [Loaded] Lux, if Joe does what I think he can do, it’ll be another preference battle. It’ll just be kind of what you prefer. I don’t know man. Hollow’s tough for anyone.”

Generalizing about the possibility that more industry emcees would make a similar decision to battle, Chilla Jones admitted that he thinks money is an important obstacle.

“I think it would inspire them to want to,” he said. “At the end of the day though, I don’t think right now there’s enough money in Battle Rap for a lot of those guys to take a chance. Depending on the Hollow [verses] Budden and the [Murda] Mook [versus] Lux and how that goes, maybe that can open some doors to some bigger sponsors and bring more money to the culture. I would like to see a Crooked I or Royce Da 5’9 or Drake. There’s a lot of industry cats who I think would be dope battle rappers. I would love to see Fred the Godson on URL. I would love to see JR Writer on URL.”

Chilla Jones On Loaded Lux vs. Murda Mook Rematch

“I don’t think it should happen,” Chilla said of the planned rematch pitting Loaded Lux against Murda Mook. According to Lux in an interview at SXSW earlier this year, the match-up will likely take place in July and feature on Shady Records’ Total Slaughter event.

“First one to me is the best battle of all time,” he added of the pair’s original. “To me. It’s the battle that got me into Battle Rap. Everything about it. You can’t recreate it. I feel the same way about me and JC. I would never battle JC again. There’s just no topping the first one. I think a lot of people want to see Lux and Mook mix it up with a lot of the newer talent. I think people would like to see Lux and [Aye] Verb. Or Lux and Daylyt. I think a lot of people would like to see Mook and [Tsu] Surf or Mook and Math [Hoffa]. I just think there’s more interesting match-ups that would be more beneficial to the culture. I don’t think Mook and Lux really pushed the culture forward. I think a big reason of why Lux and Hollow was so dope and the big reason why it pushed the culture forward is because Lux didn’t just sit back and say ‘I’m just gonna battle Iron Soloman’ or ‘I’m just gonna battle Jin’ or battle somebody whose heyday has passed so to speak. He battled somebody who was active now, who is a lot of people’s favorite, is [in] a lot of people’s Top 5, and made a classic.”