Joe Budden, Hollow Da Don Trade Pre-Total Slaughter Battle Jabs On Twitter

“I wish Hollow was more successful so I’d actually have more to say about him,” Joe Budden Tweeted over the weekend.

With their Total Slaughter event match-up on the way, Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don have engaged in some pre-battle back-and-forth on their Twitter accounts.

Yesterday, Slaughterhouse emcee Joe Budden Tweeted that if not for the upcoming battle he’d likely have released an EP during the same time period.

Yesterday, Budden responded to a Twitter user wondering what type of ammunition Hollow Da Don might leverage in the battle.

Over the weekend, Budden slighted Hollow when he wrote that his lack of material for the battle is a function of his opponent’s relative lack of success.

Responding to that Tweet, Hollow asked Budden to define success, claiming he derives his own from “loyalty and honor” instead of “money and the fame.”

Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don are scheduled to battle at Total Slaughter’s July 12 event at Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. The event is promoted collectively by Shady Films, Slaughterhouse, and