SMACK/URL’s Norbes Says Ill Will Is “The Punchline Kryptonite”

Norbes of Smack/URL and Debo of QOTR talk about Ill Will vs. DNA ahead of this weekend’s battle.

Breaking down a match-up slated for Saturday (June 7) at the SMACK/URL NOME 4 event, Norbes and QOTR’s Debo spoke with VladTV. Explaining why he think Ill Will has a significant advantage over DNA ahead of their battle this weekend, Norbes of the Smack/URL league detailed the rapper’s strengths.

“The only dude to me personally that went out there and whooped on B-Magic was Ill Will,” Norbes says. “He’s the punchline kryptonite. If you’re a punchline rapper do not battle Ill Will ‘cause that shit don’t work.”

Addressing Will’s match against DNA specifically, Norbes went on to describe why he thinks he shouldn’t have taken the battle.

“I told that nigga he gon’ lose dead to his face,” Norbes says. “Yeah, I said, ‘DNA you’re gonna lose.’ That’s my little brother. I was like, ‘DNA, this is the worst match-up you ever chose.’ I know Beasley’s gonna be like, ‘Norbes you can’t be saying that.’ I don’t give a fuck. I told that nigga…we all told that nigga. The only one that said he’s gonna win is Charlie Clips. We expect that.

“I think this is a tough match-up for DNA,” he adds. “Having said that, his performance with Prez Mafia, the way people are [talking about] it, I didn’t get to see it yet, is telling because people felt like Prez was gon’ beat him…Maybe he’s gonna go a different route. It’s just, that punchline shit does not work against Ill Will. It just doesn’t. To me he’s the most talented battler to ever come out of the Midwest. Hands down. He’s the Charlie Clips of the Midwest.

“Ill Will could do everything,” he says later. “He can talk that real shit, he can punch, he can freestyle, he can tell stories.”

Debo explained feeling like freestyling in battle has its moments, but that it shouldn’t be relied on too heavily.

“When DNA was battling against Prez, it was good for that moment right there on the stage,” he says. “But sometimes it doesn’t resonate on camera. Sometimes they like more prepared bars.”

“I think it’s gonna be a better battle than people think because DNA feels like he’s the best freestyler,” Norbes said. “He’s arguably Top 3. Ill Will can freestyle, [DNA] might freestyle a little better than Ill Will. That’s could separate that battle.”