Smack White On NOME 4: “I Think Every Battle On That Card…Is A Main Event”

“I think DNA is gonna get killed,” Smack says of the rapper’s battle against Ill Will.

URL founder Smack White sat down with VladTV to speak about his league’s NOME 4 event this Saturday. Addressing some of the matchups directly, Smack also argued for his league as the the most relevant in the industry.

“I don’t really get involved too much emotionally or physically with what other leagues is doing,” he said. “I just try to stay focused on the brand URL. Making it the most respected emcee battle league in the world. Making it the league that it only counts for you to perform on. There’s a lot of leagues out there putting on big events. They come and they go. Emcees go there, they perform, they get a check. At the end of the day there’s no credibility that actually stands with them going over there to participate on those actual leagues and those events. It really just don’t count. Whereas when you go on URL everybody stop, look, pay attention, and wanna see what’s going on and what the results is gonna be. I salute all the emcees and all the leagues that’s out there that’s actually trying to come into the culture and do their thing. Keep doing ya’ll thing. But everybody knows where it really counts at.”

Detailing his own excitement for this weekend’s event, Smack went on to spotlight the DNA vs. Ill Will battle.

“NOME 4 is like, Night of the Main Events,” he said. “I think every battle on that card for the night is a main event. I’m looking forward to every single one of them. One in particular that I’m looking forward to is DNA and Ill Will. I think DNA is gonna get killed. I’m just wanna see how he gonna stand with some of the new talent. My man Ill Will, Ill Will is basically one of my favorites right now. He’s one of my Top 5. I think it’s gonna be a good battle. I tease DNA all the time ‘cause he’s like my little brother. I think he’s one of the most creative in the culture. He always bring 110 when he steps in the ring. No matter what. No matter who he’s in front of.”

During the interview, Smack also explained the reasoning behind pitting two battlers with such different styles against each other in the Big T vs. B-Magic match-up.

“Big T, he’s one of our marquee guys,” he said. “We always support and got love for Big T. He’s just a lyrical animal. He’s animated…He got a little performance with him and all that…B-Magic, he’s just aggressive with the punches. We just wanted to see the two styles clash.”

“I don’t know how that battles is gonna turn out,” he also said. “B-Magic is a monster. His playback ratio when it comes to actually listening [and] looking at his battles on camera. It’s hard to outscore him if you judge the battle on punchlines. Everybody judges battles differently but one of the ways is basically punching. Who got the bars? He gon’ bar him to death. But Big T is a lyrical animal. He got a lot of experience. B-Magic got a lot of experience too as well. I think that’s gonna be a good battle.”