A Brief History of Math Hoffa and Dizaster’s Beef

The two giants will finally settle the score at BOLA5.

For years now, Math Hoffa and Dizaster have been arguing on Twitter and calling each other out to battle in interviews. At King of the Dot’s BOLA5 event on June 28, the two will finally have a chance to prove who’s best.

KOTD staff member Lush One told BattleRap.com that there’s a lot at stake with this battle.

“They have a genuine animosity and they both really wanted it to happen just based on a desire to prove that they’re nicer than the other motherfucker. It’s something that needed to happen. They were both pushing for a long time.”

Lush explained that Hoffa and Dizaster battled earlier this year as part of the still-unreleased Road to Total Slaughter reality show.

“They battled in the Total Slaughter event but it was only two rounds and Math only spit like half his shit and kind of freestyled … We wanna give them a stage that will maximize the potential for the battle.”

The beef between the two MCs goes back years, as seen in this typical exchange between them from October 2012, spurred by a fan’s question on Twitter.

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Just a few months later, outside of URL’s shut-down Armageddon event where Dizaster was scheduled to battle T-Rex, the two appeared friendly and joked in an interview.

When asked if they would battle someday, Math Hoffa said: “We could’ve seen it at Summer Madness 2,” and Dizaster replied: “I’m still down to do it. We just gotta see what happens with the next couple battles.”

The arguments escalated again in September 2013, when Dizaster called out Math Hoffa while talking with DJ Skee.

In the interview, Dizaster speaks at length about the reasons he doesn’t like Hoffa but seems particularly angry about Hoffa’s bully tactics, specifically when he punched Serius Jones during their URL battle at Summer Madness 3.

“I’ve got a reason to battle him now … I wanna murder Math. Like real shit. Like I wanna body the fuck out of him. So I hope this battle happens … That’s gonna be my fucking pinnacle battle and I can’t wait to get in the ring with him. ”

In an April interview with HipHopDX, Dizaster called him out again, saying that Hoffa was afraid to battle in Los Angeles.

“For me, [battling Math] makes sense because me and him have history,” Dizaster said. “I don’t like him. It’s weird because I want to like the dude, but he just gives you 1,000 reasons why not to all the time. Right now, he’s supposed to come to LA and battle. He said he was gonna battle me. He got banged on by a bunch of motherfuckers. Then shit changed and now he doesn’t want to battle because he’s the big bully in the yard until the bigger guy shows up and he doesn’t want to play anymore. Now he wants to go home and take his fucking ball with him.”

The interview prompted a response from Hoffa and the two of them started arguing on Twitter again.

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With just under two weeks until their BOLA5 battle, there’s a good chance things will pop off again. Stay tuned to BattleRap.com for more coverage.

Update: June 28, 2014 – The story contiued at BOLA5, check out these articles on BattleRap.com

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