Cortez: “Nobody Saw The Rex Challenge Coming”

Cortez breaks down the first episode of “The Road to Total Slaughter”

On last week’s debut episode of Fuse TV’s battle rap reality show “The Road to Total Slaughter,” Brooklyn’s Cortez got thrown into a surprise battle against T-Rex.

Rex shows up at the house where the battlers are living for a week and is introduced as “the wild card” who gets to challenge any of them for their spot in the eight-man tournament. Rex challenges Cortez and the two battle. Rex is clearly more prepared, bringing tailored content for Cortez, who pieces some lines together before ending his 90-second round with a choke.

Many viewers thought Cortez was set up:

In a live YouTube Q&A on June 20, Cortez addressed how he felt about the situation:

“Nobody saw the Rex challenge coming. Nobody knew what to expect. With him being the wild card in the house, it brings it back to the essence of battle rap ... We come from that era. I can’t really be too mad because I tell people I come from that era where we used to just battle on the corner spontaneously. It’s a lot different now. But I just looked at it like a learning experience. He got off. I can’t be mad about that.”

Cortez also hinted that things would get better for him in the rest of the season. “It ain’t over. People get all caught up into it. That’s just Episode 1. I get off after this. I looked at it like Episode 1 could’ve been the worst episode for me, and I don’t think it was a bad episode for me at all. People sit there and say: ‘Oh Cor, you got lined up’ or ‘Rex tried to set you up’ or whatever and that’s cool, but I know from here on out in every other episode, I go off. That’s the best thing. Lyrically, I go off. I made my impact and at the end of the day the cream of the crop will always rise to the top. I’m not worried.”

The first episode of “Road to Total Slaughter” will drop online on Monday, June 23. Check for it at

Photo credit: @Lemmo_Kno