Cortez & T-Rex Battle On "Road To Total Slaughter" Debut Episode

DJ Kay Slay and Slaughterhouse make guest appearances on the first episode of "Road to Total Slaughter."

After airing on FuseTV last Wednesday, Shady Films and WatchLOUD released the first episode of Road to Total Slaughter online earlier today (June 23). During the half-hour episode, the battlers discuss the general state of Battle Rap and trade competitive barbs leading up to the series’ first match-up. In addition to the contestants, Slaughterhouse and DJ Kay Slay made cameos while visiting the house.

“My goal since a child was I wanted to be a rapper,” Arsonal said during the episode. “I wanted to travel the world, and get paid for rapping and that’s what I’m doing. I’m not rich, but I get paid. I got 18, 19 stamps in my passport, bro.”

Speaking on the current rise in popularity of Battle Rap, Dizaster compared the Road To Total Slaughter contestants to early UFC fighters.

“You know all the UFC fighters you see right now getting millions of dollars?” Dizaster asked while sitting down with several of the cast members. “Nine to 10 years ago, they were just like us. In the beginning when they were already socking people out and were known as the strongest people, they were still living—you think those UFC fools were getting paid like that? But now they’re getting millions...The bottom line is, they were at a point where they didn’t have it and now they’re millionaires and that’s what’s gonna happen with us. You just gotta stick with it.”

“Everybody doesn’t feel they can be a UFC fighter," Marv One responded. "Everybody in the fucking world feels they can be a battle rapper.”

During the show, a surprise battle took place between T Rex and Cortez. With Cortez admittedly choking during his performance, the battler was forced to sleep on the couch.

After the show, Road To Total Slaughter  announced that a second part of the battle is set to be released online.

The three remaining episodes are scheduled to air on Wednesday nights on Fuse.