Norbes & Debo Discuss The Upcoming Math Hoffa Vs. Dizaster Battle

Norbes on KOTD: “They got the ugliest team in Battle Rap.”

SMACK/URL’s Norbes and Queen Of The Ring’s Debo spoke exclusively with VladTV about the upcoming battle between Math Hoffa and Dizaster, a matchup set to take place at King Of The Dot’sBattle Of LA 5” June 27-28. The pair also discuss King Of The Dot and whether or not there are any future plans to feature Math Hoffa on a possible Queen Of The Ring/URL event.

When asked whether or not he thinks Dizaster is going to “egg” Math Hoffa on, Norbes believes he will but hopes that Dizaster doesn’t feel like he must do so in order to make the battle a classic.

“He is,” explains Norbes. “I think Dizaster is a showman and he’s gonna — I just don’t want Dizaster to feel like he has to do that to make it a good battle, ‘cause Math [Hoffa] has a chemical imbalance. You don’t know when he can just turn into a pitbull and it’s just stupid. It makes no sense to do that. Beat him at bars not at the fact that you feel like you tougher than him.

“That’s what I hate about watching Math battles,” Norbes continues. “A lot of dudes feel like they gotta stand up to him as opposed to beating him. To me, that shit is corny.”

“Math is one of those dudes, he don’t care where he at,” the QOTR CEO Debo said. “If he gotta go out, he gotta go out. Just keep it Rap, man. Keep it Rap. I know they both dope… Dizaster and Math, that’s gon’ be crazy.”

Later on in the interview, Debo asked Norbes if he is a King Of The Dot fan. In response, Norbes declares his loyalty to SMACK/URL and states that KOTD founder, Organik, is “wild ugly.”

“I’m a SMACK/URL fan,” Norbes said. “I don’t care about nobody else. And Organik is wild ugly. They got the ugliest team in Battle Rap.”

On the subject of any future plans to feature Math Hoffa on a possible Queen Of The Ring/URL event, Norbes simply says no.

“No,” replies Norbes. “Plain and simple. I love Math but no. I can’t even take pictures with Math, dawg. I be getting phone calls like, ‘Nigga you can’t take pictures with that nigga,’ and I’m like, ‘Alright, my bad.’ That nigga’s crazy.”