Cortez Speaks On Upcoming Math Hoffa & Dizaster Battle

"I think they're both gonna put on a show like they wanna kill each other," Dizaster says. "But I don't think anything physical could happen."

After losing a battle to T-Rex in the opening episode of Road to Total SlaughterVladTV released an interview with Cortez in which the rapper speaks on an upcoming battle between Math Hoffa and Dizaster.

With Hoffa’s last major stage appearance ending with the rapper punching opponent Serius Jones, Dizaster and Math have gone back and forth about a possible matchup.

“I think Dizaster is great at selling a card the same way Math is great at selling a card,” Cortez said. “I think they do wanna kill each other so they’re talking their shit. But, I think the day of, when they get in the ring together, that shit goes out the window. I think it’s a mutual respect. Dizaster has been out here. Math has been out there. We was in the house together. It’s bigger than that and I think a lot of people know that. I don’t think anything’s gonna happen. I don’t think Dizaster is gonna try to egg Math on. I think Math is trying to learn to be bigger than that. Only one way to tell is when the camera’s on and the nigga’s in your face. Dizaster’s wild. I don’t think it’s nothing crazy, I think they’re both gonna put on a show like they wanna kill each other but I don’t think anything physical could happen.”

Both Dizaster and Math Hoffa appear as contestants on the currently-running Road to Total Slaughter series on FuseTV.

When asked to predict a winner, Cortez opted for Math Hoffa.

“Hoffa,” he said. “Hoffa, he got some shit. I fuck with Diz heavy. Diz does play around, he knows that. But when you get that Dizaster—but I know Math knows all the chips count right now. People either are gonna fuck with him again or they gonna hate on him. I think Hoffa just knows that, yo, it’s time to stop playing with niggas.”

In April, Dizaster spoke exclusively with HipHopDX and claimed that Math Hoffa was scared to battle in L.A.

“I can definitely get bigger matchups than Math,” Dizaster said. “For me [battling Math] makes sense because me and him have history. I don’t like him. It’s weird because I want to like the dude but he just gives you 1,000 reasons why not to all the time. Right now he’s supposed to come to LA and battle. He said he was gonna battle me. He got banged on by a bunch of motherfuckers. Then shit changed and now he doesn’t want to battle because he’s the big bully in the yard until the bigger guy shows up and he doesn’t want to play anymore. Now he wants to go home and take his fucking ball with him.”

Math Hoffa is scheduled to battle Dizaster this Saturday (June 28) at King of The Dot's "Battle of LA 5."