Daylyt Says “I Have No Antics” For T-Rex At Total Slaughter

Daylyt also says he no longer wants to be known for gimmicks: “I want to be known…[as] a skillful rapper.”

With the Eminem and Shady Films endorsed Total Slaughter battle event scheduled for tomorrow (July 12), Daylyt spoke exclusively with Battle Rap about his plans going into his match-up with fellow Road To Total Slaughter alumni T-Rex.

“I have no antics for tomorrow,” Daylyt said from the venue. “One of the reasons why, I wanted to give a big special shoutout to Marv Won. Marv Won is one of the few brothers that helped me transition into telling myself what do I want to be known for. At this moment I do not want to be known for an antic rapper. I do not want to be known for the crazy rapper. I want to be known for a rapper that has skill, a skillful rapper. I want to be the best rapper. So, no I have no antics.”

The comments come just months after Daylyt claimed that he wanted to be known as a “gimmick rapper.” When asked about the change of mind, Daylyt clarified the comments.

“Battle Rap is at ground zero right now,” he said. “What I mean by that is, to the Battle Rap world, I would love to be known as a gimmick rapper. The world that’s about to see this battle tomorrow is an entire new world. I actually have a fresh platform to start over on. There’s gonna be millions and millions of new Battle Rap viewers that never heard of Daylyt that are gonna be able to watch tomorrow. They’re gonna determine how they feel about me as of tomorrow.”

Daylyt and T-Rex will battle on the Total Slaughter card as a result of winning their respective brackets in the Road To Total Slaughter reality competition.

In March, Daylyt explained wanting to be known for “gimmicks” and said “gimmicks is getting me around the world.”

“I don’t care for rapping no more,” he said. “All these niggas spitting their regular bars, they stay they ass in New York and Chicago, and sometimes Canada. Nigga, I’m around the world doing this dumb shit, I’m from Watts, Watts niggas don’t even leave L.A. I’ve made it around the world, I am a one of a kind, gimmicks has got me there, I will never stop, I’m a circus act, I will remain that way…I been to Australia, I seen a kangaroo with my own eyes, in real life my nigga. I’m sitting there looking at a kangaroo, five feet away from me, and I’m telling myself, rapping did not get me here.”


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