Hollow Da Don Mimics Joe Budden, Suggests Rhymes Will Be Read Off His Phone

Ahead of his headline battle with Joe Budden at the inaugural Total Slaughter event tomorrow (July 12), Hollow Da Don spoke exclusively with Battle Rap about what he expects from his opponent.

“I predict Joe Budden to have a good 16 bars,” Hollow says of Budden’s first round. “Hold on, hold I’m ’bout to get crazy,” he continues with a 2nd round prediction — imitating Budden sneaking a mid-round glance to read lyrics off his phone.

Again addressing the Slaughterhouse emcee’s lack of history in the field, Hollow questions the ability to even make an accurate prediction of the battle.

“It’s like, how do we judge somebody we’ve never seen?,” he said. “We’re all just assuming, guessing, we’re all hoping. Nobody has facts. We don’t know what this guy is gonna do but I hope he comes in and at least goes straight through his shit with no problems.”


Jokes aside, Hollow hopes for a fair fight. “You know I joke about the choke,” he says of his Budden impersonation, “but I really don’t wanna see him choke because choking is wack. Let’s be real, nobody wanna see that. We wanna see him go through his three rounds. I’ma go through my three rounds…Hopefully he go through his three rounds fine and I go through my three rounds…We got judges, that’s for them to decide.”

Speaking on the preparation for the battle, Hollow explained coming into the match-up with an unprecedented amount of information.

“That’s the hard part,” he said. “This is one of the hardest battles I’ve had to prepare for. It’s like too much information. What do I use? Should I go here, should I go here? Honestly, I didn’t do research. Love & Hip Hop, I don’t watch TV anymore. TV will brainwash you, that’s like the dummy-box…I was gonna get the Love & Hip Hop series just to catch up but then I said, ‘Bro, I have so much already.’ Why would I dig in this? Plus, I obviously know the proposal [to Tahiry]. I seen that on the Internet. I obviously know what everybody knows. But I didn’t go get Love & Hip Hop. I didn’t get Mood Muzik 18. You know what I’m saying? I didn’t none of that because I had so much already…I am a fan of Joe Budden. Don’t get me wrong. But I’m not a fan while listening to his mixtapes. If a Joe Budden freestyle comes on, I click it and hear it. Don’t get me wrong, I fuck with Joe Budden but I’m not a fan of his mixtapes.” While Budden’s foray into Battle Rap is relatively new territory, Hollow Da Don is also breaking new ground, with his new clothing line LOM (Loyalty Ova Money).

“Honestly, I just hope he comes with some dope bars,” he later adds about Budden’s battle. “I don’t know, like I said, we don’t know what he’s coming with. I can’t really predict what he’s gonna do. I’m not even try to think of rebuttals. I don’t know what he’s gonna do.”

Addressing the Total Slaughter platform more generally, Hollow Da Don said “this is just another day for me.”

“I’m not excited,” he said. “That’s how I keep my sanity. I’m really not excited…For people who get upset ‘cause I sound not excited, don’t take it as cockiness, don’t take it as ungratefulness. This is how I keep my sanity. I’m really not excited. This is just another day for me. It’s obviously a great platform and they’re doing major stuff but if I get all that in my head, it’s gonna be, ‘Oh shit. Oh it’s gonna be so many people. I gotta do this.’ Fuck all that. I’m going to do this…do my thing and leave. I’m doing this for Battle Rap fans and the fans that’s important, not the new ones that wanna come in because Joe Budden’s here. I could give a fuck less about you honestly. I care about the new fans that are getting into this obviously because they’re gonna be future fans. But as far as the bandwagon fans and fans just watching ‘cause it’s Joe, I’m not trying to impress them. I know how to snatch his crowd and that’s what I usually do. I’m not coming here to snatch his crowd this time.”

Check back next week on BattleRap.com for exclusive video footage of our interview with Hollow Da Don and all of Total Slaughter.


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