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Live Updates – From the Hammerstein Ballroom Total Slaughter Announcement

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5:41pm (ET) Daylyt takes his pants off….again.


5:45pm (ET) Releases: Dr. Dre Breaks Down What He’s Looking For Tonight At Total Slaughter will be updating this story live as the event progresses.

6:00pm (ET) One of the judges, Poison Pen, arrives.

6:30pm (ET) Murda Mook arrives at the press room and is granting interviews ahead of his rematch against Loaded Lux.

7:00pm (ET) Jin, Freestyle Friday Champ, does the red carpet.

7:06pm (ET) Aye Verb is in the building.

7:26pm (ET) Math Hoffa & Cortez walk through security.

Matt Hoffa thru Security

Cortez @ VIP Table
Cortez @ VIP Table

7:57pm (ET) Three minutes to live!!!


8:00pm (ET) Math Hoffa leaves Hammerstein.

8:07pm (ET) Here comes Chilla Jones.


8:10pm (ET) Big T and Arsonal take the stage.


8:12pm (ET) Arsonal goes 1st.

8:25pm (ET) 2nd Round – Arsonal Vs. Big T

8:30pm (ET) 2nd Round - Smack & Beasley from SMACK/URL enter the building.

8:39pm (ET) Arsonal wins.

8:44pm (ET) Next up is T-Rex vs. Daylyt. Looks like no breaks between battles.

8:53pm T-Rex ends second round short. Ended with the slogan.

8:58pm (ET) Daylyt is tearing off his costume.

8:59pm (ET) Daylyt is in his briefs……Again.

9:00pm (ET) Battle between T-Rex & Daylyt is over.

9:02pm (ET) Fab 5 Freddy is here. Royce says he’s not surprised by Daylyt’s antics.

9:04 (ET) T-Rex wins.

9:07 (ET) Elliott Wilson from Rap Radar, CRWN Interviews, and of course the past Editor In Chief of XXL. elliott_wilson-total_slaughter

9:13pm (ET) Lux is first.

9:17pm (ET) Lux is bringing up a lot of Mook’s history.

9:19pm (ET) Mook is up next.

9:23pm (ET) The Crowd is loving Mook, tough battle so far.

9:27pm Busta Rhymes & Kool DJ Herc in the building. busta_rhymes-total-slaughter 9:28pm Round 2 begins.

9:32pm Lux is getting booed.

9:34pm Round 3 – Lux Starts. Announcement
We have to move to another page. This page won’t accept any more tweets.
Click Here –>We are moving this to a Part II<–


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