Live From Total Slaughter Part 2

… and we are back.

This is Part 2 of our live coverage from tonight’s Total Slaughter event. Start with Part 1 here.

9:56pm (ET) Mook just played a clip of a unreleased Busta Rhymes diss from Lux. 9:57pm (ET) Mook is done but wanted to keep going. Crowd is going crazy. 9:58pm (ET) The Murda Mook vs. Loaded Lux is over. 9:58pm (ET) Battle done, Mook clearly bodied him…but we are waiting on official word.

10:01pm (ET) Murda Mook is the winner!

10:03pm (ET) Sway is talking about a rematch

10:08pm (ET) Joe Budden is getting ready.


10:12pm Hollow wasn’t mic’ed up getting hooked up now. Hollow is first they both agreed.

10:13pm Hollow asks for a round of applause for battle rap and all the support.

10:19pm Hollow’s got lots of angles. 10:19pm Hollow is done. Joe Budden’s first round.

10:22pm Joe took off his mic and is now using a handheld mic.

10:23pm Joe saying he’s getting enough money that he can’t lose (said 200k for ten minutes of work).

10:26pm Joe got cut off, time’s up. Round 1 over.

10:28pm Hollow is up for Round 2.

10:32pm Hollow is done up for Round 2, Joe Budden next.

10:35pm Joe is still having problems with his mic. Back to the handheld. 10:35pm Joe is making fun of Hollow’s clothing line.

10:37pm Joe keeps saying stop my time when the crowd makes noise.

10:40pm Busta and Lux talking face to face near the judges.

10:42pm Last round starts now. 10:43pm Hollow rapping, Joe smoking a cigarette on stage.

10:43pm Hollow is getting booed.

10:47pm Hollow is finished, seems like he got some extra time. Joe is next.

10:50pm Budden is up, crowd wants him to use the handheld mic.

10:50pm Joe is getting booed.

10:53pm Crowd is heckling.

10:55pm They officially ended the battle.

10:57pm The winner is Hollow. hollow-vs-jo_budden-Total_Slaughter

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    Oh yall didn’t get the memo? Hip-Hop died on March 9th. Hip-Hop ain’t like it used to be yall know that.

  • AngeloBruhBxHollowDestroyedJoe

    These dudes are Crazy or just straight HATING on Hollow if you think he Lost, Dude killed Joe, even without Joe QUITTING at the end, Bar for Bar Hollow had away better metaphors/wordplay/disrespectful lines
    That “he don’t hit the club cuz these clubs will Wear/wore BUdden/button down” and that Tahiry “Shoot/Shoot soon as I get in like J.R Smith” line, when hollw copied his voice shit was funny too. Budden had Some cool bars yeah and bragged about his money but if think he really won off those things then you’re and don’t know what battle rap is or your just a Joe Budden Baised fanz. As far as BattleRap Bars and flat out Disrespecting your opponent with Personal jabs and Creativity Hollow Def took this 3-0, Joe was really good in the first round and surprised but even so I can’t give that one to him and as the battle went on you can see his discomfort rapping in that environment. Now to Joe quitting, shit was a disgrace and an embarrassment to Battle rap, Joe budden himself, eminem and whoever else help put Total slaughter and to most Importantly those who paid to watch the battle both in person or ppv. I respect joe for even stepping in to do it but I’m sure when he watches how he bitched out he’ll be hella embarrassed.

  • Moe

    Why you mad mane? To be honest I aint like the show in general. It aint have the energy that all the youtube jaints be having. Most of the crowd wasnt even battle rap fans. Just ignorant spectators. I didnt think hollow perform at his best but he still one. His best 3 rounds was when he battled Lux. Hands down deliverie angles word play and nothin but bars. This battle 2-1 hollow. For one budden quit. He was acting like a diva the whole time. Then he got mad when he realized hollow did his research. Everyone of buddens rhymes spunded like pre writtens for tracks. How he sposeta be the old head if he aint even finished then got in his feelings like a bitch? This dude aint legendary. He just wanted the attention. He had one hit. You cant name one other song by this dude without googling it or being reminded. Hollow aint main stream nor has he been signed but battle rapping is what he is a pro at and he is making a hustle off his battle rap name. Dude got the clothing line that I see niggaz is fuckin wit and he probably made 50k just for showing up then you can add bets that he told his niggaz to put up money fo. So what 100k? Stop hating cuz dude dnt got main stream notoriety. That dnt mean he whack or he broke. You just using this “respect the ole head” mentality to blanket the fact that your bias. Budden was garbage n hes always been.

  • wax wonder

    Get the fuck outta here… All you young dumb clowns who think hollow won this shit… y’all some stupid mothafuckas. Joey 3-0′d hollow, but we’ll give hollow that last round just to be fair. Let him have it… Who the fuck cares. Hollow probably the most overrated battle rapper along with Diz. You fuckin cornballs. These mothafuckas are not the rappers you think they are

  • hoolio

    budden won… I think they gave it hollow because joe quit last round when they started booing. budden 2-1

  • Crakk

    Hollow lost

  • rocky

    Crowd was a lil funny wit all da boo’s but i had budden win 2-1 how they gave it to hollow i dont kno. Maybe they was mad a mainstream artist went into a heavily favored hollow battle groind as far as bein a battle rapper goes n i truly believe buddens won. Just my personal opinion.

  • Awful

    show was garbage, fuck total slaughter

  • Canin

    Buddens was awful, he had no delivery or performance. Has he even seen a battle rap before.

    Thank god 4 URL!!!! Borges was right. Hollow 3-0 bud dens off performance alone

  • Moe

    It aint even bout the old school and da new school when it comes to budden vs. hollow. If you gon judge a rap battle you gotta think unbiased. I think hollows a more versatile rapper. I think if budden wins its only cuz hes main stream. This is gon be a biased battle either way. Hollow is ahead of his time and hes nice enough to take over the battle rap scene and mainstream. Watch dudes battles. He rips niggas apart time and time. I dnt think its disrespectful to the old heads if the younginz take the W. It just means the old heads paved the way. Evolution. Na mean?

  • Cory

    They mad hating on hollow this nigga joe is getting killed wtf rigged ass fuck

  • J hunt

    Hallow is talented… But young… Funny how dudes be hollerin bout age, and how old certain rappers are, but forget them older dudes is the cats that paved the way for them, ya dig?…. Wasn’t 4 tha old school there’d be NO school!!! Always respect ya elders…

    P.s. I’m 33 so I was ridin with the hommie Mook since 04 cuzz… I knew ars, t, and Mook was goin’ body dudes… Now it’s Joe’s turn… Turn up…

  • Moe

    My manz Hollow da Dddnnon bouta merc joe budden. LOM respect!
    From the A TOWN MY NIGGA

  • Mo

    Yo my nigga mook went off