Keith Murray To Battle Fredro Starr At MC War’s “New World Order II”

This is the first battle of MC War’s “Super Star Battle” series.

MC War has announced “New World Order II” an event set to feature Keith Murray, from the group Def Squad, go head-to-head with Fredro Starr from the Queens, New York group Onyx.

This is the first of MC War’s “Super Star Battle” events and the rules are as follows:

3 Round Battle

Coin Toss: Winner of the coin flip automatically goes second.

Round 1: Each artist gets two verses of 16 bars over a beat that will be performed back-to-back just like they were doing a song together. Breaks should be no longer than two to four bars depending on the crowd volume and applause.

Round two and three follow the same setup as round one.

MC War also states: “Absolutely no touching, any physical contact can and will immediately disqualify the emcee.”

The event is scheduled for September 28, 2014 at The Atrium, 5479 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, GA.

Tickets for the event can be purchased through MC War’s official website.

The official trailer for the battle can be seen below.


  • Dock

    This ones for the hip hop heads. Outta be alot of energy and charisma in this one. Murray got bars, Stars a beast but it’ll be a good battle.

    • Kojicash

      I wish is was NOT over a beat! I want to hear the true MC come out of these cats! THe beat will make it sond like a diss RECORD as opposed to a RAP battle!