Loaded Lux’s Busta Rhymes Diss Snippet Released

“Tell Busta bust it,” Loaded Lux says on the track. “Your rhyme’s busted/ As far as busters, I just seen a knock out artist/ You ain’t on the upper-cut in it.”

When Loaded Lux battled Murda Mook at Total Slaughter, Mook surprised audiences with a snippet of a diss track by Lux aimed at Busta Rhymes. The snippet of the song, allegedly titled “Burning Bridges,” has been released via Forbez DVD.

Loaded Lux – Burning Bridges (Busta Rhymes and Meek Mill Diss Snippet)

“Tell Busta bust it,” Loaded Lux says on the track. “Your rhyme’s busted/ As far as busters, I just seen a knock out artist/ You ain’t on the upper-cut in it.”

In October 2012, Loaded Lux spoke about potentially battling Busta Rhymes.

“Busta is a lyricist,” Lux said at the time in an interview with VladTV. “They’re catching on to Busta now putting them pads together when he’s going to work in terms of the flows, but if you slow it down…Busta says a lot bar for bar. He’s definitely one of those dudes who you can rewind and find out there’s more to find [in his lyrics], so I respect him as a lyricist. I would never ever not embark on something … We grow; I’m all about cultivation and edification of self. [But Busta rap battling], that’s a challenge to be respectful of, man. My peer, a dude that I respect letting the world know, ‘I rocks with Lux’ – that means a lot to me because I grew up listening to Busta as somebody trying to hone my skills as a lyricist … that he would even consider to give me a shot is good enough for me.”

Although Lux does not diss Meek Mill in the snippet, the title alludes to a Meek diss being on the track. In his October 2012 interview, Lux also addressed Meek Mill’s chances with battle rap.

“[Meek Mill wanting to battle], this is a great thing,” Lux said then. “I’ve got a prophecy in my head. Everything we do is to make a stronger tomorrow … the fact that Meek is in the position that he’s in speaking in regards to what we do is beautiful for allowing growth for the culture [of] Hip Hop in general … Meek comes from that background, though. You gotta know that, man, I watched Meek come up with battles back and forth in Philly…Meek, bar for bar, gets busy. Him getting in there [in the battle scene] is a beautiful thing ‘cus this allows us to merge the gap.”

Recently, Busta Rhymes addressed Loaded Lux’s diss, as reported by BattleRap.com based on what he heard at Total Slaughter.

“It really caught me off guard because I don’t ever get disrespected by anybody,” he said. “I just command that ‘cause I give it. So, I think the most surprising thing was not only was it from somebody that I fuck with, but it was somebody that wasn’t warranted in any disrespect towards me. I’m cool even if it’s in fun. But even if it’s in fun, again, I was raised different. We don’t diss Rakim, LL, Chuck D, even in joke. There’s no joke about any level of disrespect. If you gon’ do it and you supposed to be somebody that I’m cool with or you know how to reach me, you should at least know that you can’t take for granted that imma find your joke as humor. You might need to call my phone and check in first and see if I’m gonna give you my blessing to be funny with me. I don’t like funny if I ain’t thinking that the joke is funny too. Especially if it’s at my expense. If you think that it’s okay to use me to get your excitement poppin’ you probably gonna figure out through a very rude awakening because I don’t play with that. Especially because it’s different now. We come from a time where you had to earn your voice. You can’t talk to me unless you had a voice that warranted that conversation with me ‘cause I had to earn my voice.”

During the interview, Busta also discussed a conversation he’s had with Lux after the diss was unveiled.

“We had a gentleman conversation but I definitely let him know exactly how I felt,” Busta said. “I let him know that mistakes happen and now that you’re clear and we have a proper understanding on things, let’s just do things the right way moving forward. I’m a Loaded Lux fan. I think the dude is an incredible emcee and I support him to the fullest. I think you need to be smart in how you move your chess pieces. Be a little more strategic. Don’t play those games with me. I don’t play those games with you. I expect the same respect that you get from me. You would never hear me joking on a record and using your name to be on no disrespect shit. I wasn’t raised that way. Just don’t do it again. We make sure that we publicly address it so that you can make sure that you on the record acknowledging your fault publicly.”