Loaded Lux Speaks On Busta Rhymes Diss Track

“They say what don’t kill you make you stronger,” Loaded Lux says. “The fact that I could see all of it for what it is now, I’ll take that into the next step.”

After weeks of silence on the matter, Loaded Lux finally addressed his Busta Rhymes diss track that was aired out during a battle against Murda Mook last month. With the two veteran battlers facing off in a years-in-the-making rematch, Mook used part of a rounds to play the unreleased track with Busta himself in attendance.

Addressing the ordeal and aftermath in an interview with VladTV, Loaded Lux explained apologizing to Busta directly following.

“I had seen Busta right after the whole performance and everything,” he said. “Expressed to him, I said man, ‘My sincerity and my callousness…’ I apologized to him and everything and expressed to him that however it may seem, man to man, this wasn’t nothing I co-signed. But I apologized for my callousness. It was my vocals and everything. I will say this though, first and foremost: when we did it in its initial it wasn’t done with malice intention. I don’t know anybody on the record personally, for anybody I named on there. And I don’t know them personally to go there in that regard. I come from a competitive background. I battle. That’s the whole thing. We did it in the position taking lyrics, lyrical exercise. The whole thing with the record came around with the spin of the Kendrick Lamar verse on the Big Sean record. All of that was happening. This is old.”

Lux confirmed that the original diss track was born out of an excited response to hearing Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse and being motivated to take a similar angle.

“I did the record around that time but never released it,” he said. “Then I’m hearing word, they saying I did release it. If I would’ve released it it would have been out then, when that was all going on … but I never signed off on that.”

When asked about his immediate reaction upon hearing the track during the battle, Lux remembered looking at Busta when it went down.

“I always tell my people, when we on the stage, everything that’s going on, you in moments,” he said. “There’s a lot of instinctive and impulsive things happening. The record is playing and at the same time what’s going through my mind, it’s nothing specific. I know Busta looking at me and I’m probably looking back at Bust not knowing what’s being played in the moment. I think Mook may have said something about Bust or something prior, right before the track is playing. But I got love for Bust, that’ll never change. I guess in playing the track, I’m not hearing exactly what’s being played. I see Busta and I know Busta see me. I’m coming at it from that regard … I’m really in the moment. Me, I’ll take things back, assess it, and then I’ll give you what’s my take on it.”

Admitting that he has to learn from the entire situation, Lux detailed the process of moving beyond the fiasco.

“Well, you gotta understand–innerstand–it’s like I’m battling Mook, but I’m not battling just Mook. Battling reflections of choices. That’s what I’m saying … that’s why it’s my fight. This, I gotta learn from. All of it. I’m battling a multitude of different things that has happened. It’s cool. They say what don’t kill you make you stronger. The fact that I could see all of it for what it is now, [I’ll] take that into the next step, the next phase … I don’t got no ill feelings towards anything or anybody with it. I recognize what it is for the future, take that and learn from it.”

Near the end of the interview, Lux added that after a post-battle one-on-one, him and Busta Rhymes are still on good terms.

“We spoke afterwards,” he said. “Good conversation. He gave me his piece on it. He gave me some wisdom for me to grow with. He’s the elder, man. I’m honored to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Busta Rhymes. That’s Leaders of the New School. To still be relevant in this day and age, that’s a level of excellence that I hope to attain one day. He’s a legend and forever will be … My elder gave me some wisdom in regards to things that I need to get to where he is.”

Watch the full interview below: