Daylyt’s Latest Antic: Hypothetical Homosexuality

Daylyt continues to say anything to get attention, and it continues to work.

Following his controversial meltdown at Total Slaughter, and his immersion in the recent Dizaster/Math Hoffa debacle, Daylyt has come forward on VladTV announcing the urge to “fuck the shit out of P. Diddy.”

This has emerged in tandem with a video where Daylyt claimed to have “gone out for poutine and held hands” with Pat Stay, prior to the execution of their supposed plans to “sleep with each other.”

The notorious troll was featured earlier in the year on VladTV deriding Macklemore for “gay shit taking over the world,” but he certainly seems to have changed his outlook here. On being asked for his thoughts on Diddy attending public sex displays, joined by high profile peers such as Jamie Foxx and Denzel Washington, Daylyt says this: “I’d fuck Diddy. I’m not gonna front. I’d fuck the shit out of Diddy… Why not? Diddy’s attractive. Get him off like a bottle of Ciroc, a shot of Ciroc. He got plenty of Ciroc. Get him fucked up, I’ll fuck.” Later he added more details: “I’ve always been infatuated with how he dances–it’s something about like the arms and shit. That shit’s sexy, yo. Like, pause. No homo, let’s really be honest. Diddy’s thick, yo.’”

He goes on to promote an as-of-now non-existent Kickstarter for the “I Want To Fuck P. Diddy Movement,” and upon hitting the “meal ticket” donation value says he would “drop [his] and P. Diddy’s sex tape.”

Some fans are incensed, with comments on the video decrying him as a “complete embarrassment to the culture,” a “dairy queen” and a “waste of talent.” The majority see it as a joke, and applaud his “bringing of a spotlight onto the culture over the last six months.”

This video landed alongside a straight-to-camera monologue discussing his infrequent “dates” with Pat Stay, which reportedly involved poutine and “holding hands and shit.” He also sheds some (dubious) light on his and Pat’s planned antics during their battle, saying “Pat will drop to his knees and give me oral sex, and I’ll give him butt oral sex” amidst a flurry of sexually provocative facial expressions and dancing eyebrows.

Both videos would appear to be components of Day’s latest bid for attention, but in the wake of Shuffle-T requesting to “feel Big J’s motherfucking sperm on [his] face” in the hugely popular Don’t Flop compliments battle, fellow U.K. battler Two Can coming out, the emergence of transgender battler Noshame and the overtly anti-masculine antics of Pamflit and Carter Deems, the sprinkling of battle culture with homoerotic subtext is nothing new.

The trolling is diverted in a final-note address about Morgan Freeman, asking “why Morgan Freeman ain’t dead yet? Ain’t he like 7,000?” before leading to the promise of a filmed lie detector test in a subsequent interview.

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Watch the full interview below:

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  • ajmommy_xo

    Yoooo this world really going mad wtf Jesus please come already! !!!

  • ilexx

    WTF is going on?!?!?!

    April fools?

    Like somebody need to be saying psych or some shit. Although dat shit wouldn’t help.

    Dis shit gay as fuck!

    • ladii really world

      I am so with you on that s*** they need to be saying no homo or something because that s*** is ridiculous I don’t know what the f*** the world is coming to but it is getting crazy as hell