SM4 Interview Round-Up: Charron, DNA, John John Da Don, B Magic

The battlers themselves react to URL's Summer Madness 4 event.

Wrapping up summer with one of the year's best events so far, URL's "Summer Madness 4" featured three nights of head-to-head battles from some of the industry's biggest names and most promising newcomers. Alongside interviews with Smack White, Shotgun Suge, Conceited, and Uno Lavoz, caught up with several more of the event's participants to get their thoughts.

Included below are post-battle interviews with John John Da Don, DNA, Charron, and B Magic.

John John Da Don On His Battle With Aye Verb

John John Da Don faced off against Aye Verb at the event and spoke with directly after exiting the stage. “That shit was crazy,” he said. “I really fuck with it. I can’t wait. His fans gon’ love it, my fans gon’ love it.” When asked about his thoughts on the winner, John John said, “Of course I 3-0’ed him.”

DNA Says Charlie Clips “Is The Greatest Battle Rapper Out”

Breaking down his own performance against Tay Roc, DNA also spoke about some of the other battles of the night before calling Charlie Clips “the greatest battle rapper out.” Clowning on Tay Roc for his performance, DNA said, “I guess reaching is the new thing, I’m gonna start trying that on my next battle.” The Queens emcee also announced an upcoming battle in the UK scheduled for November and also touched on a match-up against Sketch Menace the following week.

Charron Calls Shotgun Suge "Delusional"

After making his URL debut against Shotgun Suge on the SM4 Warm-Up card, Charron explained retaliating to Suge’s pocket checking and who he thinks won. Laughing at Suge’s own claims of a 3-0 victory, Charron recalled Arsonal saying the same thing. “Apparently their clique is full of delusional people,” he added. The Canadian emcee also announced a battle on KOTD’s “Flatline” card in November and hinted that it would be his “biggest opponent to date.”

Fresh off a battle in Atlanta, B Magic spoke with both before and after his battle against Conceited, joking that he expected mostly “corny shit, a lot of corny shit” from his opponent. After the battle he admitted that Conceited performed well but still fell short. B Magic also addressed DNA’s perceived loss to Tay Roc and gave Tsu Surf a 2-1 win against Hitman Holla. Magic continued his busy streak with a short-form battle against Bigg K the following weekend.

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