Mistah F.A.B. And Arsonal Confirm January Battle

EXCLUSIVE: Arsonal and Mistah F.A.B. interview each other for BattleRap.com at the "Duel In The Desert" event in Arizona.

Fresh off a battle against Rum Nitty at the “Duel In The Desert” event, Arsonal has confirmed that he’s scheduled to battle Mistah F.A.B. in Oakland on Jan. 30.

Both artists took to Twitter to speak on the match, throwing jabs at each other in the process.

Arsonal also recapped his upcoming battles in a separate tweet and confirmed that his battle against Mistah F.A.B. will bring his biggest payday as a battler to date.

BattleRap.com caught up with Ars and F.A.B. at the event in Arizona this past weekend and let each emcee interview the other. Full of jokes and underhanded slights, the interview included F.A.B. speaking about the New Jersey rapper as if they weren’t sitting right next to one another.

“Arsonal’s a good guy,” he said. “I watched all of his battles recently. I’ve watched some of his things. I like his style. He reminds me a lot of me in my youth. I’ll go as far as, he’s a little me with the [style of] disrespect. He’s lyrical.”

As for their now-confirmed battle, F.A.B. joked that Ars has been ducking the match. “He’s been ducking me for a few years, about a year and a half, after he threw out that he wanted to battle me,” the Da Bac Of Da Bus Rydah emcee said. “I didn’t even know who he was. He threw out, this was his direct quote, ‘Mistah F.A.B. better stay his old ass out of battle rapping ‘cause I’ll murder his ass in this thing.’ I read that and I was appalled. I was like, ‘Wow. This young guy is relentless with this approach.’”