Daylyt Explains Why He Tried To Crap On Stage

"I apparently left my head at home so I wasn’t thinking," says Daylyt.

Daylyt passed by the HipHopDX offices yesterday (Oct. 6) to explain his "SquatterGate" antics at "Duel In The Desert."

"I want people to say, ‘I hate Daylyt' because hatred goes way further than love,” he says. "Prime example, you have a waiter in a diner and you say, ‘Hey waiter.’ The waiter says, ‘Hey, what do you want?” Water? Food? Drinks? I got you.' You’re gonna say, ‘Hey that’s a nice waiter.’ A waiter comes to the table [and spits in your food, and says] 'What do you want,' you’re going to tell everybody that you know, ‘Yo, don’t go to this restaurant. This is the worst waiter in the world.' Before you know it, you just promoted the restaurant without even knowing it.”