Tsu Surf Says Chief Keef Is Banned From New Jersey

Tsu Surf explains the reasoning behind New Jersey rappers banning Chief Keef from the state.

Appearing on 15 Minutes Of Fame Radio last night, Tsu Surf explained the origins of a still-escalating beef between Chicago artist Chief Keef and the New Jersey hip-hop scene. After apparently fending off a robbery attempt in the Garden State, Chief Keef recorded a new track to take aim at the state as a whole.

On the recently released single “Faneto,” Keef raps: “I’m riding through New York, finna go and shoot New Jersey up / They tried to take my chain I ain’t goin’, we gon’ come and blow New Jersey up.” Among others, battle rappers Tsu Surf and Shotgun Suge have responded by issuing a no fly-zone warning to Keef in their home state.

“All the prior street shit isn’t for radio, it doesn’t even matter,” Tsu Surf said of the lead-up to the rift. “But Chief Keef took it upon himself, after whatever happened to him. Supposedly he almost got his chain snatched. That’s first and foremost, you didn’t even get your chain snatched and you still got your life ... With that being said, the diss track was almost a decision. You didn’t lose anything. He could have let it go and then it was what it was. I think less people knew about him almost getting his chain snatched than him not being able to come to New Jersey. So, he could have let it fly under the rug. Shit happens when you portraying [yourself] to be a ‘real nigga.’ So he almost gets his chain snatched in New Jersey and then he drops this song ‘Faneto.’

“I don’t think you even have to go through New York to get to New Jersey from Chicago but that’s neither here nor there," Surf added. "He can’t come back and that’s the end of that story. I don’t wanna give too much promotion. But yeah, it’s a lot of niggas that wanna skin Chief Keef. He can’t even go to Chicago! I don’t understand why he wanna start fucking up other places.”

Surf went on to explain that Keef has a legitimate following in New Jersey and that the emcee has made a mistake in alienating the state. The battle emcee added that fans can expect his own response track for Chief Keef shortly.

Tsu Surf’s fellow New Jersey rapper Shotgun Suge called into 15MOFE and added his support for the Chief Keef ban as well. Suge also responded to Keef’s New Jersey diss in a new song and video, available below.