Young B The Future Breaks Down His Past Battles

Young B speaks on his career highlights and lowlights, detailing his battles with Rum Nitty, Danny Myers and more.

Following his main-stage debut against B Magic at Snoop Dogg and Murda Mook’s “Gladiator School,” Young B stopped by HipHopDX’s Hollywood offices for an exclusive interview with During the conversation, the Moreno Valley native weighed in on some of his most important match-ups, including battles with Dre Vishiss, Rum Nitty and Danny Myers.


“I would have to say that Dre Vishiss is probably one of the most memorable battles because so many people reference it to me when they bring up my catalogue. They always be like, ‘Yo, I loved that performance.’ That was probably the very first one that Snoop [Dogg] referenced when I talked to him.”


“It’s still going on to this day, [laughs], I cannot escape Fauthor Fal to this day. I don’t think he should be in battle rap — he’s not good for battle rap. Just because of the way he handles losses, the way he carries himself, his character, the things that he does … This cat Fauthor Fal is some type of weirdo who lost a battle to me and he can’t let it go, period. He harasses me on Twitter [and] Facebook constantly with meaningless threats. It’s pathetic but I finally went ahead and blocked him.”


“Man, that battle was crazy. It’s interesting, too. I was sick that battle [and] I rode the train out there, I was dead sick on the train. That’s when I told myself I wasn’t gon’ drink no more before a battle … So I’m sick, I’m coughing, I’m on Benadryl the whole way there. I get to the battle and I’m like, ‘I got this strange cough. I gotta drink, that’s the only way I can suppress the cough.’ I start drinking and I start feeling good. Rum Nitty goes first [and then] I come out, we go back-and-forth [and] I think I edged it in the end.”


“I would have to say my worst battle was probably [against] Danny Myers. I got too loaded. That’s when I learned that I had to have a different regiment before a battle, I can’t just live my regular life and go rap [laughs]. I still made it through but I was so drunk [laughs]. It wasn’t even funny. I got up there and I told my cousin, I said, ‘Yo, I forgot everything. I don’t know nothing.’ He’s like, ‘You playing, right?’ And I’m like, ‘Nah, I don’t know nothing.’ Man, I was wasted!”


Young B also discussed his battle versus T2Good at Day 1 of King Of The Dot’s “Battle Of LA 5” event in June. During his third round, Young B called out Aspect One and Lush One for not giving him better opponents.

“I didn’t do it for attention, I did it just to be heard. I did it for the people that were there that day ‘cause that’s how I was feeling … There had to be an explanation as to why I go to battle events and people tell me, ‘Young B, who you got coming up next?’ And I tell them and they’re like, ‘Who?’ I got tired of that so now you know why [I said that].”

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Cover photo by Heather Jones

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