Norbes Says He Expects Apology From Danny Myers

URL rep Norbes responds to Danny Myers' video that called for him to be removed from his position in the league.

Responding to calls for his "impeachment" from Danny Myers, Norbes of the URL called into The War Report last night and addressed allegations that the battle rapper made in a recent video blog.

“I wanna address a couple of key things in that blog,” he started. “I got to watch five minutes of it and I was eating a steak. I’m in London, chilling out here ... As I’m watching Danny start the blog, I got to watch the first five minutes and I almost threw up an amazing steak and I’m gonna tell you why. It’s one thing to lie and fabricate things. Maybe his memory’s not too good. But to lie and then try to take a shot at my character, that’s cool. Let’s go through some key points I see a lot of people tweeting me.”

Listen to Norbes' response below and read on to get the specifics.

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On Borrowing Money From Danny Myers

“I borrowed money from Danny Myers,” Norbes admitted. “Let me start with that one ‘cause that was actually pretty funny. That’s a fact. I’m not gonna deny that. That is an absolute fact. I forgot what exactly the situation was. I was going on vacation, I think I had lost my debit card or my wallet. Right? I lost my card I think it was. I was like, ‘Do me a solid, send me this money and I got you, I’ll send it back to you when I get back.’ Danny, like a stand-up nigga, said, ‘Yo, I got you. No problem, bro.’ I said, ‘Bet, I appreciate that my nigga.’ Went on vacation and enjoyed myself. What Danny forgot to tell you guys was, I offered to pay him back. And then he also forgot to tell you that when he came to New York City and the same thing happened to him I gave Danny money.”

Norbes Says Danny Myers Lied About Contract Negotiations

Responding to Myers’ claims that Norbes presented a contract after seeing the rapper perform in person and was unwilling to negotiate the terms afterwards, Norbes said Myers didn’t follow up about signing the contract and went on to book other battles during the gap.

“Danny flew himself out, did what he did, and I’m gonna keep it real, Jay Rell beat him bad," Norbes said of the first battle he booked for Myers. "Jay Rell beat him. I seen Danny and I was like, ‘Don’t worry about it nigga, I fucks with you. I’m gonna give you another shot.’ Because I seen the desire in Danny Myers. I also told Danny Myers, and I quote, I said, ‘Danny, once I drop your PG and niggas know I’m fucking with you everybody’s going to hit your phone.’ I booked Danny for Mark Miner. He takes another battle in between that I wanna say is Rum Nitty ... I set up Danny against Mark Miner. We go to Delaware, he does speak the truth that we did the battle and all that shit and fucking Beasley was in a crazy car accident where a fucking psycho almost killed him. Tape the battle, drop that battle, everybody’s hitting Danny’s phone now. Mind you, I already had told Danny, ‘Yo, Danny, the contract.’ I offered Danny the contract and said, ‘Danny, this is what it’s gonna take, but Danny, this is a standard contract. Whatever you feel comfortable with, you send it back to me, we’ll redraft the contract, and sign something that you feel comfortable with.’ Now, let me stop there. Everybody that I offer the URL contract to gets the same fucking conversation. Danny states in his blog that I didn’t want to negotiate, that I gave him a standard contract and didn’t want basically to negotiate. Whatever. That was lie number two.”

Norbes disputes Myers’ timeline and claims that by the date of BET's Ultimate Freestyle Friday (where Danny was a contestant), Danny had already been offered the contract three months prior and was avoiding him for weeks afterward as well.

“He says I gave it to him at UFF,” Norbes said. “Danny’s taking battles. I’m like, ‘Danny, my nigga, I need you to focus on the UFF. It’s nine fucking rounds you gotta remember. You gotta prepare yourself. But I said, ‘Whatever you have done, whatever you have already booked, do the battles.’ ‘Alright, I fuck with it, I’m only gonna fuck with y'all.’ You already know Danny, he takes a bunch of battles. He gets to the UFF, I’m like, ‘Danny, I haven’t heard nothing from you with the contract. What’s up?’ Danny wasn’t the only one. ‘Oh, when I get down there I’m gonna sign it. I read the contract, I agreed with it, I’m gonna sign.’ Alright Danny, fine. Now, whether he’s just pacifying me because he just wants to do UFF or whatever, this is what Danny stated ... Danny’s supposed to sign the contract that weekend, does the UFF, I don’t say anything. Does what he does, gets to the second round, gets a check, no problem. I don’t speak to Danny for like a couple weeks. I’m like, Danny, ‘What’s up with the contract?’ At this point Danny is avoiding me. I finally get to Danny and he states something like he wants a good opponent, I get this motherfucker Cortez. You can ask Cortez.”

Still, Norbes claims that Danny continued avoiding him for months.

“These are months passing,” he said. “This nigga knew about the contract and the negotiations and whatever he wanted to do. In his blog he states that we rejected his whatever, that we never got back. That’s a lie. When I decided to cut Danny off, I actually was at the NOME PGs. This is a fact. Danny told me, ‘I’m not taking no more battles.’ He takes a battle against Bigg K at King Of The Dot and my fucking top blew, I’m not gonna lie. Danny was avoiding my calls for weeks ... I was like 'Danny, I’m done with you. You’re my nigga, you're just not a man of your word.' And I didn’t speak to Danny until months after that which is probably Summer Madness. That’s the last conversation I had with Danny Myers. Mind you, I never spoke on the contract situation with Danny Myers.”

Norbes ended by calling for an apology and a promise to lay off the beef for a week before exposing more of the background.

“I could keep putting holes in this shit but I’m expecting an apology,” Norbes said. “If not, then I will continue to expose the situation. I’m just gonna leave it at that. Danny Myers, great guy. But he was influenced by apparently at the last show that I did, someone told him that I shitted on him on the show. But Cortez you know what’s funny about that? He didn’t listen to the show he listened to the guy that told him that. So, shout out to that asshole that called him ... I’m gonna wait for my apology. It’s Wednesday today, we’re gonna wait. I’m gonna leave it there. I will continue this tirade in about a week.”

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