Everything You Missed At AHAT's Second Convention

Danny Myers recaps the two-day event that featured dozens of battlers.

AHAT battle league held their second annual convention last weekend (Oct. 24-25) in Las Vegas. The convention brought together battlers from all AHAT divisions including Las Vegas, California, Texas, Utah, Atlanta, Florida, and Washington. 

The event hosted a ton of battles between emcees from AHAT's various rosters and beyond: Danny Myers, Lotta Zay, Dre Vishiss, Ah Di Boom, Scheme, Bobby Lee Swagger, Emerson Kennedy, Diesel, Billy Boondocks and many more.

Former Def Jam artist Jayo Felony was supposed to battle C-Knight, who reportedly didn't make it to the venue.

BattleRap.com spoke with Danny Myers over the phone after the event to get his thoughts on the convention as a whole and his battle against Unique Barrz, his first female opponent.

AHAT also gave out a series of awards at the convention.

Young B The Future won both AHAT's Battler Of The Year and Rookie Of The Year trophies, while Battle Of The Year went to Danny Myers vs. Dre Vishiss.

The Rookie Of The Year award was named after Jay Scott, an AHAT emcee who recently passed away. The weekend was filled with tributes to him.

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We’ve also collected some of what went down via social media:

Lotta Zay with Danny Myers at the MGM Grand Casino.


Young B The Future showing off his new awards.


Young B poses with Panic, Lotta Zay and Ah Di Boom.


Dre Vishiss shows off his award for Battle Of The Year against Danny Myers.


The newly launched P&B Productions YouTube channel also released some behind-the-scenes videos, including this one of Billy Boondocks cracking up a bunch of people in a parking lot.

Cover photo from OD via Facebook.