Daylyt Threatens To Cancel KOTD Title Match

Daylyt says he refuses to battle on the same card as Arcane because of his alleged history of purchasing bars.

Yesterday (Oct. 29), Watts, Calif. emcee Daylyt uploaded an announcement vlog to his YouTube account with a clear message to King Of The Dot and its affiliates about the upcoming “Flatline 3” event on Nov. 22 in Toronto, Canada.

Daylyt, who is scheduled to battle against current KOTD Champion Pat Stay for the title at the event, says he'll pull out of the match-up if the recently announced battle between Arcane and Cortez goes down. The Watts emcee cites Arcane’s alleged history of purchasing bars as the reason why he refuses to battle at the event.

“Dear battle world, I told y’all exactly how I felt about Arcane and how I felt that he is literally the epitome of a disgrace to battle rap,” Daylyt says. “Any nigga who is buying bars is a disgrace to fuckin’ battle rap. And you won a chain by buying bars. I told y’all in prior blogs, I feel a very certain way about Arcane. So, let’s make the announcement.”

“Dear King Of The Dot, dear Organik, dear everybody that participates in this King Of The Dot movement, I’m letting y’all know now, I will not battle on the same card as Arcane,” Daylyt continues. “So y’all have options now. Either y’all cancel [the] Arcane battle — either y’all call Arcane right now and tell [him], ‘Yo Arcane, I’m sorry the battle is over with,’ or I’m not battling Pat Stay. That’s just the way it’s gon’ go. Yo Organik, either y’all call Arcane and tell him, within the next couple of weeks, ‘Yo, the battle is over with. You can’t battle Cortez. Daylyt doesn’t want you on the card,’ or I’m not battling Pat Stay. And I’m dead serious. That’s my announcement. Either [the] Arcane battle gets cancelled or Daylyt vs. Pat Stay is not going down, and that’s final.”

From what we can tell, no one involved has responded to Daylyt's comments yet.

Check out Daylyt’s full announcement below:

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