Everything You Missed At "Ether"

BattleRap.com is in Los Angeles for the event that features Dizaster vs. Cassidy, Daylyt vs. Serius Jones and tons more.

BattleRap.com reported live from FCMG/FilmOn's "Ether" event in Los Angeles on Saturday. Here's a curated list of live updates from us and other people in the venue and watching the PPV at home.

Here's the full card:


Battlerap.com arrived in the building along with fans looking forward to tonight's events:

Cali Smoov vs. Caustic was the first battle scheduled on the card:

Pay-per-view hostsLaura Tarsi and Bizarre did post-battle analysis for the battles:

Danny Myers vs. Heartless took the stage next:

Audio issues occured halfway through the battle:

But the problem was eventually fixed and the battle went on:

Illmaculate (Portland, Ore.) vs. Real Deal (Pittsburgh, Pa.) was the next battle to hit the stage, a highly anticipated match-up between two veterans of the sport:

The battle was once again plagued by audio issues on the PPV:

But sound was turned on in the middle of Real Deal's third:

This battle was followed by a performance. The performers had trouble remembering their words:

... Don't do that.

Rum Nitty from Phoenix, Ariz. vs. Billy Boondocks, the winner of FilmOn's tournament prior to the event were next:

Big T vs. Aktive were next in another Veteran vs. Rookie match:

The Saurus (Monterey, Calif.) vs. Arsonal (Newark, N.J.) took the spotlight next:

Arsonal had a significant choke in his first round:

The Saurus came back in his second round:

Bigg K vs. Conceited were next to grace the stage in a battle of punchline heavy-hitters:

Serius Jones vs. Daylyt were scheduled to battle next in the co-main event of the night:

Daylyt tagged in fellow Grape Street battle rapper Dre Vishiss and other members of his crew:

Serius continued with his third round:

Dizaster vs. Cassidy came next, the main event of the night:

The event was then shut down after Dizaster's first round:

There's a looooooot more to talk about with that last battle but we'll put it in a separate article coming soon.

Here's a quick synopsis though:

Diz and Cass had massive entourages and security was trying to clear the stage, to no avail. A bunch of FilmOn staff were spazzing that they were running out of time. Apparently the venue needed to close too. The fire marshall was apparently there and needed to get people off the stage. Cass spat some bars, got some reaction. Kept going, started getting boos. He eventually finished. Diz started, got some reaction, then got some boos. Then it was over. A fight almost broke out between both sides, though it was hard to tell who was involved. Everyone cleared out after that. Lots of people milling around outside. Stay tuned for further details.

For now, have a look at some of our lead-up material for the event:

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