Lush One Calls Dizaster vs. Cassidy "Very Debatable"

EXCLUSIVE: Lush One addresses the differences between the two settings for the match-up.

Despite having its fair share of commotion, FCMG/FilmOn’s “Ether” event went down this past weekend in downtown Los Angeles, Calif. The headlining battle between Philadelphia rapper Cassidy and Dizaster was postponed from Dec. 6 to Dec. 7 following the closure of the event just one round into their battle. spoke with Lush One straight after the delayed battle went down. Discussing the match-up, the “Ether” organizer says it’s going to “fold the Internet” upon its release.

“A classic. Unparalleled. A battle that’s gonna fold the muthafuckin’ Internet,” Lush One says. “This is what battle rap came from. It came from these types of environments of emcees going back-and-forth. It’s controlled chaos in its purist form and we brought it back to that.”

The headlining battle was unfortunately rescheduled after the initial event on Dec. 6 was shutdown (which obviously attracted tons of criticism on social media from fans and battlers alike). Addressing the postponement, Lush One says all participants “rose to the occasion” to make it happen.

“What are you gonna do? You gonna represent hip hop or you gonna fuckin’ let your fans down? Or are you gonna do the most you can? Both Diz and Cassidy — they could have been like, ‘Fuck this shit,’ and they didn’t,” Lush One explains. “Alki [David] could have been like, ‘Fuck this shit,’ but he didn’t. I could have been like ‘Fuck this shit,’ my whole squad could have been like, ‘Fuck this shit.’ But we all rose to the occasion in the name of Fresh Coast, King Of The Dot [and] ETV powered by FilmOn. It just had to happen.”

Finally, Lush one addressed the differences between the two settings that played host to the battles (i.e. the Belasco Theater and a Beverly Hills parking garage with about 100 people in attendance). was in the building for both matches, click on the links above to check out our live updates.

“I feel like yesterday Diz was way more comfortable,” Lush One says. “He’s probably way more accustomed to the larger crowds. It makes sense, that’s what he comes from. Most of Cass' battles were in more intimate, smaller environments. So yesterday Diz had a clear advantage. He’s used to more obstacles that might come up that Cassidy might not have been as accustomed to. Today, there was a lot of other factors that played that people weren’t aware of on some street shit that I wasn’t really at liberty to talk about — but today I feel like Cassidy was clearly more in his element than he was before. The last round he definitely took, there’s no ifs, ands or buts, Cass won the last round. The other two were way more debatable. The overall battle is very, very debatable.”

Despite being at the center of a chaotic weekend, Lush One was still active over social media following the end of the event. Here’s what he had to say:

Fans have been quick to discuss the whole event over Twitter. There are definitely still tons hating on the event, the rematch and Lush for being involved with any of it, but he did manage to change some hearts and minds yesterday:

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