Arsonal Talks Battle Rap With Snoop Dogg

The "Gladiator School" headliner joins Snoop on his YouTube news show.

Newark emcee Arsonal Da Rebel chopped it up with Snoop Dogg on the latter's "GGN" YouTube show in an interview that dropped on Jan. 6. Last September, Arsonal headlined "Gladiator School" (the battle event co-presented by Snoop Dogg and Murda Mook) against John John Da Don and appeared in a live cypher at the Snoop-hosted BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta.

Arsonal and Snoop banter about Ars' battle history on Fight Klub and 106 & Park before Da Rebel speaks about his dedication to battling.

"It's a lot of people who just do the battles for money. They might be in a certain fucked up position in life at the time and be like 'I need a couple stacks, I'ma do it.' They don't care about what they write. They don't care about how much they prepare. Me, I take every battle, even if I got fifteen days — there's been battles where I've only had fifteen days to prepare, two weeks exactly, and I gave that shit my all. Some of these battles, my fans won't even know which battles they are, they'll think I had three-four months to prepare. Because that's just how dedicated I am to this culture. I'm not gonna give nobody no half-assed performance."

A woman in a bikini then gives an uninformative but still enjoyable weather report and Arsonal raps a bit before finishing the interview with some "fill in the blanks" questions.

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