Sketch Menace Previews KOTD's “Quarantine 2”

Calgary gets its most diverse card yet, featuring Big Kannon, Soul, J-Pro and more.

Over the past few weeks King Of The Dot has been dropping flyers revealing the battles on the upcoming “Quarantine 2” card, scheduled to go down in Calgary on March 28.

The event is a co-production between KOTD Calgary and Vancouver and includes some of the biggest names yet to visit those divisions, along with a string of lesser known emcees who are competing in the first round of the 2015 Ground Zero Grand Prix. The card includes the following battles:

  • Big Kannon vs. Chedda Cheese
  • Pigsty vs. Soul
  • J-Pro vs. Ape Yola
  • DDSS vs. Knamelis
  • Ill Nye vs. Sun Tzu
  • New'L vs. Quest MCODY
  • Dirty Harry vs. Rezza Reckt (GZGP)
  • Phillip Solo vs. Edwords (GZGP)

The main event is an unorthodox match-up between Chicago's rebuttal king Big Kannon and Canadian fan favorite Chedda Cheese.

Soul, who recently performed at KOTD’s “Blackout 5” earlier this month, faces off against Vancouver emcee (and contributor) Pigsty in what will match two impressive pen games. Pigsty’s last opponent was Lil G on the GZ platform.

J-Pro is also gearing up to take on Vancouver’s Ape Yola, whose last battle against PoRich made our "Most Slept-On Of 2014" list.

GZ champion DDSS will battle Knamelis, who recently returned in a surprise appearance to back up Kid Twist at "Blackout 5." The GZ chain isn't on the line for this one.

Quest MCODY, who has been battling more regularly after a quiet few years goes up against New’L who took on Spud late last year.

Sun Tzu and Calgary up-and-comer Ill Nye will also pair up their street styles.

Photo by Zach Macphoto for KOTD. reached out to Calgary boss Sketch Menace for his thoughts on the event and his reasoning behind the match-ups.

Well this event is put together by myself and La Sparka, the KOTD Vancouver division president, so we wanted to make sure talent from both divisions was put on for this. To be honest you're gonna see a lot more events of this scale and larger now that Vancouver and Calgary are working together.

We're smaller divisions and our guys get overshadowed by the mass amount of battles and mega events being put on nowadays, so we feel it's important to give opportunities to our up-and-comers. When we were pondering the possible match-ups we really tried to think outside of our current perception of what was realistic. This event will feature the first overseas battle to take place in Calgary (Soul vs. Pigsty) as well as the most diverse card the division has ever seen.

People can expect that 'classic' battle feel from this event. We try to mix up the entertainment when booking battles. I miss the days when I could watch Kid Twist vs. Fresco, then Arsonal vs. Conceited, then a grudge match between The Saurus and Illmaculate. That mentality, alongside wanting to expose our talent to the rest of the battle scene, is really what inspired this card.

Also [KOTD's California/Toronto cameraman] Avocado is filming and editing this event so it will be on par with L.A. or Toronto footage. We are very excited to bring this event to Calgary and the battle scene.

The event takes place on March 28 at The Republik, 219 17 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There will also be a PPV available for those not able to attend live. It will be available here soon.

Here's the full flyer:


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