Math Hoffa Returns For Don't Flop's "Resurrection"

Don't Flop Atlanta's April card features Chilla Jones, John John Da Don, DNA, Ness Lee and more.

Don't Flop Atlanta has raised the ante with its second event, this time booking a headliner between Chilla Jones and Math Hoffa on April 4. The Brooklyn emcee has been away from the ring since late last June, when his match-up against Dizaster at KOTD's "Battle Of Los Angeles 5" ended with his opponent attacking him.

The card also features some well-known Atlanta talent, including Ness Lee, Bonnie Godiva and Brixx Belvedere.

Check out the full card below, and for more info on any of the rappers follow their artist tags at the bottom of this article:

  • Math Hoffa vs. Chilla Jones
  • DNA & K-Shine vs. John John Da Don & Syah Boy
  • Ness Lee vs. Soul
  • Real Deal vs. Syd Vicious
  • Bonnie Godiva vs. MyVerse
  • Jonny Storm vs. Luciano Crakk
  • Brixx Belvedere vs. Lexx Luthor

There's also a free Day 1 event at the same venue on April 3 that features some recognizable names, as well as some talent from local Atlanta league Spit Dat Heat.

  • A-Class vs. Automatic Ray
  • Megadef vs. Magz
  • Troy Brown vs. Lu Cipher
  • Complex vs. Mosh Jelton
  • LMS vs. Stebo
  • Aleus The @ikt vs. Blik The Barbarian
  • CT vs. KP

Spring is already shaping up to be a very busy time in battle rap as more and more leagues jockey to get top talent on their cards. DNA, K-Shine, John John Da Don, Real Deal will all be fresh off performances at URL's "Rookies vs. Vets" on March 28, and Soul will have just faced Pigsty at KOTD's "Quarantine 2" in Calgary the same day.

The first Don't Flop ATL event was a small but successful affair, and produced some very high quality battles. Watch them here.

"Resurrection" goes does Saturday, April 4 at Apache Cafe, 64 3rd St. NW Atlanta, Ga., 30308. It's a 16+ event, but you must be 21 or over to drink. It runs from 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. and admission is $20. reached out to event co-organizer Sonny Bamboo for comment. Here's his response:

I'm really excited about bringing Math back. Regardless of all the controversy he's been involved with in past battles, I think he's one of the best to ever do it. It's also great to involve people that are representing the region like Ness Lee, Jonny Storm, Syd Vicious, John John and Syah. Also, I think that MyVerse is on her way to being a star, and Bonnie, being her biggest opponent to date, is an opportunity to really show the world what she can do.

As far as the 2-on-2, we've never seen John John and Syah team up, and since they both live in Atlanta now, we like the dynamic of them against two New York cats. Also, you don't usually see street battle style dudes in 2-on-2's, so we thought that was also interesting about it.

People can expect overall solid performances from everyone, from well-known veterans and legends on Day 2 to the newcomers we have lined up on Day 1. We're proud of this card, and can't wait to see how these match-ups turn out!

Here's the event trailer:

And the full flyer:

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