Queenzflip Previews Quiet Room’s “He Dead” Event

The Quiet Room Battles boss breaks down the card for the April 5 event in New York.

Quiet Room Battles recently released the flyer for its upcoming “He Dead” event, scheduled to go down in New York on April 5.

Set to be hosted by league head Queenzflip, the event will feature several triple threat matches including the headliner between Daylyt, Ah Di Boom and notable up-and-comer Chef Trez.

Here's the full card:

  • Daylyt vs. Ah Di Boom vs. Chef Trez
  • Xcel vs. Craig Lamar vs. Danja Zone
  • Dre Dennis vs. Steams vs. Automatic Ray
  • Don Q vs. Bonus
  • Merrick City vs. Hollaluyah Jones
  • Gwitty vs. Sin Jones
  • Early vs. Pep

In an exclusive statement to BattleRap.com, Queenzflip explained how these battles came about.

“Well I wanted to try something different,” Queenzflip says. “I have a new team (Scarlett O, Yung Bunk & B Frank) and we decided to stir the pot a little. This is a whole new Quiet Room, revamped. We are trying to fix all the issues that I wasn't concerned about initially. So we threw ideas out there and the match-ups just came together.”

Addressing why he chose triple threat matches, Queenzflip responded: “Well as you know, I wasn't the first person to do triple threat, but in 2013 I did the first successful triple threat and presented it to the urban crowd. Ever since I did it, a lot of leagues have been trying to do it, so I'm going to show them how to really do it.”

Flip also applauded Steams for stepping in to replace Hazey in the triple threat match against Dre Dennis and Automatic Ray. "Steams just came off of a classic with Rum Nitty and since a battler backed out, he didn't mind filling the shoes. Steams is a true champion in battle rap."


Flip also introduced some of the lesser-known names on the card:

I picked those guys because they're hungry and are making noise. I want to be responsible for taking them over the wall. I mean Chef Trez and Craig Lamar had a classic battle on Spit Dat Heat (salute to Miltown Bloe) and a lot of people are interested in seeing these guys in a tough match-up, to see who would prevail. Automatic Ray is a killer, Dre Dennis is also a monster and is making his stamp in the battle rap world.

A match I'm particularly excited about is Smack DVD veteran Early vs. Pep. Pep is a dope battler and one of my favorites and Early is a Southside Jamaica, Queens legend. I want to see if Early can transition in the battle rap world. Also Merrick City and Hollaluyah Jones will be a classic. Trust me. Don Q vs. Bonus is a grudge match.

Also Sin Jones vs. Gwitty: two different styles are going to clash in the Quiet Room. I personally like Sin Jones, he has a unique style and Gwitty is out here making a name for himself and just had a classic with Chess, so I wanna see what happen when a monsta from N.C. clashes with a monsta from Long Island."

Daylyt recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he spoke at length about his battle and the event.

Chef Trez responded to Daylyt:


Ah Di Boom also spoke on the event in a video uploaded to his channel on Monday (March 2).

"He Dead" goes down Sunday, April 5 at Hall Of Fame Studios at 9010 Merrick Blvd, Jamaica, N.Y. 11432. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. and admission is $30 but increases to $35 after 9:00 p.m.

Here's the full flyer:

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There are also some warm-up battles ahead of the main card. Here's the flyer for those:


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