Don't Flop Roster Loses Battles To ... Shoes?

Some Don't Flop rappers are in a new Foot Locker commercial. And it's weird.

Is this the future of corporate sponsorship for battle rap?

A new promo series from BBDO Paris sets the stage for a handful of "battles" between real rappers and the sneakers they're pining after. What does that mean exactly? Well, basically, some battlers from the Don't Flop roster are in a new commercial.

The Foot Locker-sponsored advert features appearances from Don't Flop founder Eurgh and rappers Marlo, Bamalam, and Lady Shocker as they try to convince a pair of shoes that they're compatible. If that wasn't strange enough, the sneakers get to fire back and decide whether or not their opponent is worthy of the style. While it takes a discerning ear, Shuffle-T, Impact, and Dekay voice the part of some of the sneakers, all of which serve up a fittingly corny performance. "I'm unique with a capital 'U'," Shuffle-T raps on behalf of the Asics Gel Lyte V. "I'm not just your average shoe / You leave me stuck in the back of your room / And I won't end up very happy with you."

Along with a 30-second trailer spot, BBDO put together seven clips and began sharing them online earlier this month. If you really like watching commercials check out three of the seven planned "battles" to see what it's like when your favorite battlers get offered a check they can't turn down.

Take a look at the original trailer and then the ads below that:

Check the channel for updates on the rest of the battles.

Or check out's own shoe article.

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