Live Updates From "Back To Basics" (Part 1) is in the building for KOTD's no-nonsense event.

King Of The Dot took battle rap back to its origins in Los Angeles with a stacked card of up-and-comers and slept-on talent who were looking to make an impression on fans.

At the top of the flyer there were some high profile match-ups too, including Rone vs. The Saurus and John John Da Don vs. Kid Twist. KOTD also announced a secret "main event" caliber match-up that was revealed during the event. was in the building doing interviews and updates, and our editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell co-hosted the live-pay-view with Bay Area battler Caustic. Buy it here.

Danny Myers vs. Cali Smoov

 Reverse Live vs. Sketch Menace

It was announced after this battle that the secret battle taking place at the event is Carter Deems vs. Illmaculate. Wow.

Megadef vs. Madflex

Pnut vs. Xcel

Fredo vs. Anygma

 RemyD vs. Psycoses

Follow the rest of our updates in Part 2.

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